Saturday, January 12, 2008


It's because of his easy to recognize asymmetrical electroclash hairdo, but I saw Project Runway's Christian (left) outside of Key Food last night with a gaggle of friends/admirers.

I also thought I caught sight of Rami (right) on the subway the day before but it turned out to be some other hunky Israeli Palestinian dude. Is Rami even hot and/or gay (apart from that pic of him on the right)?


Anonymous said...


he is tres hott. and palestinian.

and not a gay.

Anonymous said...

Not gay?? I swear he said something about being a 'mo in the episode with all the male models...

anthony said...

hi j,
rami is a queer. darren knows him from la-la land. big fag... also, in episode two this season, the bearded guy kevin made a quip about being the token 'straight' guy this season. as if! xox a