Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Last week's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc was downright strange. Jimmy said it was due to the full moon that was out that night. Despite the Mary J. Blige soundtrack we had going (how could I have forgotten about that Method Man duet for so long?), things were just all around kooky.

Mama Morton (right) and Oscar got their drink on early and were ready to dance by like, 1030pm while everyone else was still at home watching Project Runway. I hope Christian wins.

Jason, showing off his most well-known talent.

Bananas, in pajamas, are coming down the stairs. Bananas, in pajamas, are DJing Eastern Bloc in pairs!

Apparently whenever a VCR or DVD player breaks at Eastern Bloc, we hook up the Pac Man game to that particular TV. Then Eric (pictured above) gets all into it and forgets he's at bar with hot gay men.

Devin and Evans (from left) are ageless and timeless and completely last name-less in my book.

Ethan (right) used to rock a rat tail on the back of his hair, which was a major stumbling block in our friendship. Luckily, he has since snipped it off.

Josh (left, with Jacob) won the 2007 Eastern Bloc Halloween Costume Contest and hasn't let us forget it. He can also do Britney Spears dance moves better than Britney (whatever that means).

Whenever I see Magenta, I think about coming into the city in the 1990s and watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight with every other suburban dork in the tri-state area.

This gang was full of cute side profiles. Don't you hate when someone has the cutest side profile and then they turn to face you and they're totally butt?! Not that that happened here. I'm just sayin.

This one was totally feeling the hateration and holleration in this dancerie.

Now THIS is a side profile I could work with. Please sir (said in a weird Britney Spears fake British accent), please return next week.

"Did you see that BOTH DJs tonight are wearing tight yellow tights. How embarassing?!!"

There were a refreshing amount of people NOT wearing plaid, which was a breath of fresh air.

Stephen (right, with Eric) is my most favorite nutritionist ever. He also apparently gets into fried chicken and Cold Stone Creamery, which doesn't seem all that nutritious, but who am I to judge?

Joe (right) made a new friend named Mattias (left), who lives around the block from the Bloc and hails from France, just like every other foreigner in New York.

I asked Stuart (left, formerly of Mr. Black) for permission to photograph him with his friend, since he is total paparazzi shy. Hence the makeshift burka.

Robert is oh so precious and needs to come out on more week nights. He even offered me a Paul Smith luggage discount, which totally won me over and won him a drink ticket.

Tommy (right) showed up and quickly pinned his latest pursuit up against the wall like another piece of Eastern Bloc taxidermy.

Eric's infamous and amazing bald-eagle sweatshirt.

Ryan (right) and I partied for like, seven nights straight last week. On Wednesday, he brought out his tall, gay high school friend from Jersey, pictured here. And on Thursday, we attended the most amazing cross-dressers who like moms night at Nowhere Bar.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Doesn't Chris look remarkably like a young Al Pacino?

Bye Tommy! Have fun with your taxidermy!

Later that night, I played old B-52s and easy listening from the 90s a la Tom Petty and Tori Amos. Scot was secretly into it but had to act all Megadeath tough for the camera. Kisses to you too Scottie.


THIS WEDNESDAY = JIMMY'S BIRTHDAY BASH! Be there or be totally hexagonal.

And on Sunday, I'm DJing a special naughty post-Superbowl party at Rapture/Boysroom (see two entries below). See ya there.

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