Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What would it take to bring back the Comeback for another season? I am serious. I live for this show and have watched the entire series something like 40 times. DESPERATE for another season. Help a brother out!


Ricky said...

The problem with The Comeback was that it was too brilliant for its own good. HBO was willing to waste tons money on a mediocre drama like Rome, but then cut the cord on a comedy that was total genius! Sigh, same thing is happening now with Flight of the Conchords. Want to start a petition to give The Comeback a Comeback?

Sparber said...

Yes! I am serious. I want to email everybody at HBO and ask what I have to do to get this show back on the air.

Liam-Sean said...

God I know... I think it was one of the best things on T.V. Even darker and more brilliant than 'The Office' (both versions).