Wednesday, March 04, 2009


It was with great pain that I boarded a plane and flew down to 90 degree tank top weather in Buenos Aires last week, mostly because it meant I'd be missing my substitute DJs Michael Magnan and Telfar, who took over Good Times at Eastern Bloc two Wednesdays ago and brought back their infamous Slurp party.

I missed the big return of Keisha! I'm not exactly sure where Keisha had disappeared to this past year but her absence was noticed by club goers and 4am taxi drivers alike.

Duane (right) and friend, giggling about some fictitious day job Duane purports to have, though no one really knows when and where this day job happens.

Sniffing up some poppers for the Slurp afterparty, I presume.

Ladies of the night Telfar (who DJed) and Ms. Keisha, who I also saw out later this week in drag looking stunning.

On top of a super special Slurp party, I also missed out on New York's seemingly monthly fashion week, which would explain these dapper threads.

Andy, friend and Duane (from right), giving smug realness.

Awaiting bearded mafia initiation.

If only I could insert a please-don't-prey-on-me thought bubble here for Greg (on the left).

Telfar and I are known to get deep into gay crunk jams (aka Crime Mobb) whenever either one of us is DJing and the other is present. I can only hope that he played lots and lots of Rasheeda and Shawnna.

Good times in the absence of Good Times!

Is that a young Connie Girl in the making? Someone give this broad a clipboard and a door job, stat!

The other half of Slurp and my dear dear friend, DJ Michael Magnan (left, with Danny), who will be guest DJing with me at Formika's new mega-Thursday dance party called the Skinny starting this week!

Hola amigos. I am now dying to learn Spanish upon my return from Buenos Aires and would happily accept lessons from any one of you. For reals.

Winter meets summer fashion frenzy as ski caps and tank tops collide. Let's keep this trend going into the spring and summer, people.

OH NO SHE DI'INT. Charles (right) did NOT attend an Eastern Bloc Wednesday party the week I wasn't there. I mean, she's friends with the DJs and all, but if Stephanie Stone had showed up, I would have had to have given her a little Chris Brown job if you know what I mean.

Stephen (left) and a guapo rocking a John Waters pencil 'stache.

Speaking of 'staches, moustaches are officially over and we are reverting back to the beard here in the lower east district of Manhattan. Please take your facial hair cues from the handsome Mexicans pictured above.

Shane (left) and his new squeeze Wesley, who can keep his moustache but only because he sometimes twirls the ends of it and has had one for like, 10 years already.

Hi Melissa! You need to start coming out on Wednesday nights more regularly wearing all those boobylicious things you own so I can be like, oooh I like it.

Thank you to Michael, photo boy Kelvin and Telfar (from left) for filling in at Good Times while Jimmy and I travel the world. We owe you a Jaeger shot.

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