Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When all else fails, throw a Roisin Murphy party. That's pretty much my motto in life and at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, but then again, if you've been to any party I've DJed recently, you probably noticed that it turned into a Roisin party anyway. How is her latest album still not out in the US of A?

Even though Maverick transitioned from nightlife person (door bitch at Hiro and 205 Club) to daytime person (so I hear. I've never been outside during sunlight hours), he still found time to drop by and sing it back.

Provincetown's Rocky Casale (right) swung by the party to dole out kisses on the cheek to everyone and their mothers, me included.

Mikey (center), fantasizing about his upcoming trip to Thailand, which I'm sure we'll see lots of in his future facebook photo albums. Trust.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDIE! (right.) I have no idea who that gay nyc club owner is that you are hugging because he is simply unrecognizable with his hand over his face.

Rocky and Roberto (right), who hopefully got two or three cheek kisses, being that he lived in Italy for 20 years and Rocky is no stranger to Italy himself.

Security dudes I hired to guard my DJ booth and sing along with me everytime I play Rebbie Jackson and Denise Williams.

Ru Bhatt and Josh Applebottom, aka the best names on earth. (Okay, his last name isn't really Applebottom but it might as well be. It's Appelbaum. Yes he's Jewish and he better be coming to our gay jew purim party at the next Good Times.)

Michael, Lisa and Kevin (from right), a great example of why I'm loving this recession since Michael is totally unemployed and totally living up to his party boy reputation, which is just the way I like him.

Andre (left) and Rocky, who actually might be a radical faerie which would explain all the free love.

My Tai (right) and my Steve, who then went on to perform a three minute and thirty-six second modern dance interpretation of Rama Lama Bang Bang flash bang big bang.

Too many to name but all quite handsome and happy that I played Movie Star not once, but twice.

Kevin (front and center, with Kurt, Michael and Jacob Brooks-Harris), who is getting more and more boho week by week. And by boho, I mean Olsen-sister inspired.

Well hello there. A handsome lad in a handsome get-up, just in time for spring. And speaking of spring, Gant and I are doing a spring disco party at Eastern Bloc Sunday, March 22. Put it in your calendars people.

I have no caption for this photo except to say I love all the people in this photo including the guy Charles has his arm around in the back who I've never seen before in my life.

Darren and Tai (from left, up front), doing some semi-squat thing that looks very monster mash zombie inspired to me.

Mathew (left) and Thomas, inspiring me to do an rock 'n' roll themed party to the tune of...Joan Jett? Bowie?

Luke (left) and friends, reminding us about what Roisin once said: if we're in love we should make love.

Hola chicos. Didn't I see you three at The Skinny last week, Formika's Thursday dance party sensation? If not, come this Thursday cuz its FREE (yup! before 12 at least if you say my name) and I'm DJing with Cazwell and Amanda Lepore. Come take a facebook photo with us.

Gary and Kendra (from left), who have both made the move from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the past few months and are all the more happier for it by the looks of this picture.

I like to call this picture "people kelvin didn't photograph but were wiling out to Roisin nonetheless."

THE RETURN OF JAMIE! (left.) Where have you and your sideshow bob hairdo been hiding these past few months?!

Hoodrat hoodrat hoochie mamas.

For some reason, I was begged to play The Time Is Now over and over. Not exactly a club jam but I happily obliged and the kids were loving it.

Kissy sell-out.

James (left), saying hold up, how did you get the entire Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Royksopp albums before they were officially released. He also wants you to come to Phoenix on Sunday cuz Matt the Baker and I are hosting a wild winter barbecue with free burgers and hot dogs!

That's right Chris Ryan (left), I said FREE BURGERS AND HOT DOGS!!!!!!!!!!

James and Kevin SWORE to me that they were headed home when we parted ways at 348am, though a little birdie told me they showed up at the Cock at 355am. The Cock closes at 4am, btw.

My favorite part of the evening.

My favorite part of the evening with bartender Jessica from Mr. Black. Let her know if you're lonely, baby!

AJ, Roze and Michael (from left), overpowered that the night will soon come to a close...

...but not before Roze works the magic powers of her female parts. Overpowered indeed.

See you next week at the Purim party! And then the Skinny! And then wild winter barbecue on Sunday! And then Cazwell and Joey Israel's new party at G Lounge called Boy Box that I'm DJing on Tuesday!

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