Sunday, March 29, 2009


Party goers just love a sleek looking DJ booth, though the DJ's job to, err, DJ isn't always taken into consideration when constructing such habitats, which is why I present to you 10 DJ booth reviews from recent jobs I've had.

1. Lavish Lounge - My latest DJ adventure into Astoria led me to this charming and unexpected bar which has more of a DJ room than a booth, meaning I had to face a wall and DJ while looking onto the club through a paneless window.

2. Bowery Hotel - The epitome of "wow, what a great looking DJ booth" that's actually completely impractical. Built into a wall, the booth is smaller than a tiny walk-in closet, hotter than a sauna and half of the mixer (aka the bass and treble knobs) is inaccessible because of the equipment shelf they built over it.

3. Eastern Bloc - Roomy DJ booth that is cleverly perched just above the audience, so you can bear witness to all without being too far removed from the action.

4. The Cock - Good location for seeing what's happening around you and talking to patrons, though said patrons often mistake the DJ's bench as another place to lounge or get a lap dance.

5. Beatrice Inn - Whose idea was it to place this booth all the way in the back room when the majority of bar space is up front? This makes for my least favorite scenario, which I call "remote DJing," aka DJing for a crowd you can't see for most of the night. Horrid.

6. Kingswood - Stellar equipment but really no booth whatsoever. It's you behind the bar with all the bartenders, and if you're shorter than six feet (like me), you might need to stand on a milk crate.

7. Mr. Black (front room) - One of those old school DJ nests that you have to climb a ladder to get to. Great equipment and view of the crowd but don't expect to talk to any of your friends while you're "working."

8. Gracie Mansion - Fantasy DJ set up, mostly because the mayor has his own sound team that will hang around and fix any and every problem you could possibly encounter. They also have more speakers than god himself.

9. G Lounge - People love to ask me if I hook up in DJ booths, which is mostly impossible except for here, where you have a hard-to-access door entrance and window that looks out onto the floor. What happens below the waist is anybody's guess.

10. David Barton Gym - By booth, I mean table with two CDJs which sometime skip back one track, which is always awkward midsong. Also nested on the balcony and conveniently located near the only water fountain in the place, which makes for great people watching.

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