Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Near the top of my Argentine agenda last month was to check out the Zizek party, some strange blend of cumbia, reggaeton, electro and dance. I wanted to see for myself, but alas, the party was no longer and I forgot about it. UPDATE - The party was on summer hiatus, not over.

Today, I discovered that Zizek is in part brainchild of Douster, a handsome french DJ/producer who a) has a new mix out and b) is coming to nyc to play Santos' Party House Saturday April 4. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

Yo Josh, Zizek took a much needed 2 month break in the Argentine summer. They are back. And the Santos show is Saturday the 4th, Douster hasnt gotten around to changing it! See you there! El GGGG

Anonymous said...

Hopefully that herpes or giant zit under his lower lip is gone by the time he hits NYC - eeww