Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Dearest readers and party patrons, Please do not allow me to DJ all night following a 12-hour overnight flight that touched down in NYC at 4 in the morning 16 hours earlier. While I may still be able to play fun, upbeat party music, my judgement may be a bit impaired (including my decision to do a Latin themed night, showcasing Miami Sound Machine and Enrique Iglesias.)

No idea who this dude is but through the haze of my jetlag, I'm sure I introduced myself and promised him a little Suavemente.

Loving the palindromic nature of this photo, as well as that cutie in the middle.

Unimpressed by The Queen's Spanish, the all-spanish version of the club hit The Queen's English. MI LLAMO LUIS...

Maverick (right) and a huggy bear bearing plaids and a Palestinian independence scarf.

Jenna (right) should have so been one of those fighter chicks who got made over into drag queens on this week's Rupaul's Drag Race. I can't wait till she dons high heels and a wig for a yet-to-be-determined Good Times.

They loved loved loved when I rocked the Geri Halliwell Mi Chico Latino. Not necessarily "latin explosion" but close enough.

Charlie's angels.


At this point in the night, I think bartender Darren (and everyone else) was like, okay, enough spanish-inspired music. Please just play freestyle (aka latin disco).

A trio of rico suaves (from left): Roberto, Bill and the adorable Douggie.

Black jeans, black shoes, black hat and black sweater. Oh, and I think I can make out a black scarf too.

Richard (left) was into Enrique Iglesias' Bailamos, the only Enrique song I played even though I packed Rhythm Divine and Escape. Those will apparently have to wait for my next karaoke expedition.

My favorite Latinas evs Robert (left) and Enrique, decked out in complimentary plaid.


Demetre (left) and Frank go way way back to like, Club USA days or something like that. Or maybe it's the Paradise Garage. Kidding!

Michael Magnan (right) is DJing Paris this march while I plan my west coast DJ tour of San Fran and Los Angeles in April. If you'd like to book me or know of a fun party I should be at, doesn't hestitate to email me.

The brilliance of this pic is that Enrique and Robert are not crouching down.

Hi Stephen, Kevin and Jerry (from left). Thanks for coming out on Wednesday and coming out again on Sunday to my Kingswood party which was majorly off the meter. It might go monthly since it was super successful so I'll keep ya posted.

James (left, with Marc), gagging over all the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs tracks that I'm playing. Heads WILL roll.

Later ladies! See you next week at my bi-annual Roisin Murphy Good Times celebrations. xo

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