Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We've done Trina nights and Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown nights and even Khia vs. Riskay nights at our Good Times party at Eastern Bloc on Wednesdays, so it only seemed fitting to give Jacki-O her fair share, even if her latest effort, Little Red Riding Hood, is less than mediocre.

Apparently the ladies were out in full effect, showin' their love for female rapstresses in the form of hail Hitler salutes.

Hunky dory.

The cuteness that is Erik Karff (right), blocking the cuteness that is sitting in the center of these three. Thanks Erik.

Lots of peace signs were thrown around last Wednesday, maybe because Jacki-O has tried to start beef with every female rapper under the sun. Seriously. If you youtube her, you find more diss videos that Miami poolside videos. What's that about?

Ciao bellos! Enrico (center) and his Italian amicos, out for a fun-filled evening that didn't even include espresso and gelato.

Matt the Baker (left, with yours truly) finally got a good dose of Good Times when took off from coat check due to his impending trip to London the following day. He's back now and feeling jolly, thanks for asking.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT (left)! May all your dreams of Broadway stardom come true before the world ends in 2012.

A handsome Christmas combo just in time for spring! One on the left needs to come back next week when Kele of Bloc Party and Baby C do a special guest DJ set and propose to me.

Paul, Makario and friend (from left), grooving on the non-Sheena Easton version of Sugarwalls by the one and only, Jacki-O.

Bow down to the almightiness that is my silver blazer, betch.

We wear short shorts.

Wait. There is definitely some Nazi skinhead something running throughout these photos. Maybe they were jealous of our Purim party ferocity.

Mikey (bottom right), exploding with joy over his upcoming adventure to Thailand in April.

People like posing instead of dancing when you play songs that they might not be familiar with, such as Jacki-O's Nookie, the best vajayjay-inspired song since Prince's Pussy Control.

Which is why I had to throw on some Lil Kim faves such as Suck My Dick, which Kevin (right) apparently knows every single word to. "ALL I WANNA DO IS GET MY PUSSY SUCKED!"

And then there's Trina's whoop whoop, pull over dat ass iz too phat, which always makes for spontaneous pole dancing.

Why oh wyatt don't they make female rappers like they used to? That said, I'm feeling the new Keri Hilson.

And they were feeling the old Hot Spot courtesy of Inga Marchand aka Fox Boogie Brown.

Who you callin' a bitch?

Scruffy and scruffier. I think Devin's chin (left) has hypnotic powers over me.

HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY MICHAEL (left)! You'll always be one month older than me and I'll never, ever let you forget it.

Since the regular Good Times Mexican posse is on hiatus in Mexico City (we miss you Carlos), we're currently auditioning new gay Mexican substitute posses.

Kevin (left, with Douggie and friends), giving gay Spike-Lee-goes-to-Cali-and-stars-in-a-porn realness.

The party got bumpin' and I think I switched to dancier stuff (aka Roisin Murphy) but Kelvin got distracted by a friend of Katy Perry's. Hot and cold much?

My most favorite tall people ever! Steph Stone (left, out of costume) has confirmed that she will indeed be making a rare appearance at our Good Times Two Year Anniversary April 8. BRING IT STEPH!

Redheads Who Wear Red: a photo exploration into the bizarre phenomenon.

I haven't seen Tim (right) in a hot minute. What's up with that? She loves her some rapstress delight a la Princess and Crime Mobb. Stiletto pumps, y'all!

Fritz giving kissy face (center) and Andre (right) giving playmate pin-up poses.

Jimmy's gone monthly! That's right. He has one more party to DJ at our two-year anniversary and then he'll return some time in May to be a monthly guest, meaning I have a few other guest surprises up my sleeve in the coming weeks.

Good clean wholesome fun. See you next week. Oh wait! I didn't even make mention of how fantastic our monthly Love Hangover Sunday disco party was, so here are a few snapshots. BONUS!

Your disco hostesses Gant (right), me and Darren (left). Darren is also filling in Gant as disco DJ extraordinaire at the next Love Hangover, tentatively scheduled for Sunday April 26.

Disco dance party! The pics don't really do justice to how everybody just loves to dance to disco music.

My personal favorite moment of the night was when Gusty Winds (pictured) showed up with a pizza pie (!) and proceeded to turn it out on the go-go pole to the sounds of Gwen Guthrie's Ain't Nuthin' Goin' on But the Rent.

A party wouldn't be a party without our glamazon host Miss Linda Simpson. And pizza! Most genius party prop ever.

See you next Love Hangover! Or next Good Times with guest DJ duo Vice Versa, featuring Baby C and Kele of Bloc Party!!!!!

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