Friday, December 19, 2008


I have been obsessed with Vampire Freaks, a new East Village goth clothing store, since it opened nearly two months ago (Oct. 25 - right in time for Halloween. Duh!) The store is a throwback to goth-y industrial culture of the 90s a la Cyberdog in the Camden Market of London. In fact, this place sells Cyberdog too and not in an ironic way. It grew out of a social networking site,

The store stands next to that vacant lot where they used to have the weekend junk sales. An electric shop used to be there, then Psychic Jessica for like two minutes (wish I had a picture of what she had done with the space. Gorgeous) and now Vampire Freaks. Please go buy some Manic Panic and keep them in business. Here's a video from their grand opening. "HOT TOPIC EAT YOUR FUCKING HEART OUT!"

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