Wednesday, December 17, 2008


A) I love that the caption for this photo was "Studio B is the new Twilo," and

B) I hate that Studio B is up for sale. Why just yesterday, I was remarking that in the post-Luxx Brooklyn clubbing era, Studio B filled the void of a sprawling destination dance spot that amazing DJs seemed to flock to. I spent New Years Eve here two years ago listening to DJ Assault do his thing. I also caught Diplo, Orgasmic, Para One and performances by New Young Pony Club, Muscles and Holy Hail here at various times.

Studio B is apparently up for sale for $1 million, with $22K/month in rent. They've been dealing with neighbor complaints and stop work permits all year so maybe they're just over it. Also, Justine D has apparently given up her slot booking acts there so that might just be the nail in the coffin.


Pants said...

yeah she books for le poisson rouge now. studio b we will miss you. r.i.p.

<3 u Josh.

Unknown said...

that's really unfortunate. i've had dozens of great nights there, including the muscles night and it really was a great place to dance.