Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Our young and nubile friend Simon had been begging and begging for a Yeah Yeah Yeahs party since the beginning of time, and since he will be leaving us for a six month stint in Paris, we happily obliged him at last Wednesday's Good Times party at Eastern Bloc to show some Y control.

Ross, Frank and So Totally Patrick (from left) weren't going to pass up an opportunity to hear Jimmy and I play 55 remixes of Gold Lion.

David (center, with John and friend) has been trying to get his viral xmas video off the ground, though I told him someone would have to get naked in it for it to truly get viral. And I can't remember the link myself. Sorry David!

Loving the frames.

Peace sign or missing the rest of his fingers? You be the judge.

Two of my most favorite men in the world, Mike (left) and Jason (center) both made early appearances to get some face time with me. Or to get some $2 vodkas before 11.

Whoa. Holy post-holiday party packed pub. I love when people come to a bar all drunk already and just start hugging everyone ferociously. Case in point in the foreground here.

Sweetheart tourist on the left was digging on the Y Control remixes and the fact that I played two Dizzee Rascal songs, which makes me think he might have been a Londoner but I can't remember now. Extra points for the dreadlocks as well.

As that old electroclash song goes, MAO IS LEGENDARY U ARE NOT.

Lezzie party! My super sapphic sisters, Lucile (left), Cheryl (bottom) and Diana (right) brought a bit of a meow mix to an otherwise testosterone-fuelled function, although Diana told me she only came to get on the blog. ENJOY IT DIANA!

VAMPIRE REENACTMENT REALNESS! Just call us the true blooded Twilight of the East Village.

Heartthrob Chad (right) and friend, who, looking back through the year in Good Times, survived our industrial/metal night of Nine Inch Nails meets Thrill Kill Kult. Very ungay of us but unique nonetheless.

No words can convey the joy that Armando (right, with Robbie) brings to the bar and my life. Work it out gurl.

Did I mention that it has been snowing, sleeting, raining and freezing in New York City all week. Here are some warm weather get-ups proof, as these fools are sitting way to close to the entrance/exit.

Funky-hatted ladies, living for my Chaka Kahn tracks. Do you think they love what they feel?

Good Times at Eastern Bloc, where you can always have a date with the night.

Michael, Michael and Jimmy, getting all rico suave for the camera. We should so do a Gerardo night.

Guten tag! Armin (left) and his crew of German film stars were in New York for a few days for some shoot and dropped by our party to dance it up to lots of Roisin Murphy, which is probably my favorite album of the year.

Gabriel (crouching tiger, left) emailed me just to let me know how rad the party was. Duh. How can your party not be rad when you get to play Black Tongue and Rockers to Swallow?

Euro thugs Bernard (left) and Jeroen (center) threatened to beat up superstar DJ Michael Magnan (right) for copping the same jacket as me and the rest of NYC. We <3 UNIQLO.

Ericka Tour Aviance (right) and Adam, quietly anticipating the majorness that is next week's Eastern Bloc Hanukkah Par-tay.

Oh how I love me some Greg G. (left). As the depression deepens, the harder he parties. A man after my own heart.

Jesenko (right) and friend, ready to drink up and party up this holiday season. Blagoslovljen Božić! That's blessed Christmas in Croatian (I think).

Everyone was going ga-ga for this dude on the left.

Me, Mike and the artist formerly known as Lil Bow Wow, now just Bow Wow.

My second favorite coat checker ever, Ned, who is apparently returning to bartending duties at the Cock in '09.

Now I ain't sayin' Eric's a gold digga. But he ain't messin' with no broke niggas.

Jason (left) and Jonathan, gushing over the brilliance of Mr. G, Ja'mie and the entirety of Summer Heights High.

AU REVOIR SIMON! We will miss you while you are partying in Paris with pale and handsome frenchmen. Send some our way if you can.

By 230am, the bar had warmed up just enough to don a tshirt and not look like a total freak.

My relationship with Armando (left, with Jonathan F.) is much like that Depeche Mode song: I just can't get enough.


Steven squared.

Look at the grin on James' face! He has also been living for a Yeah Yeah Yeahs night since birth. I don't think I've seen him smile so broadly in a picture since Courtney Love night.

Oooh, reminder: Joey (left) and I are both working Formika's F Word party this Saturday at 27 w. 24th st. at Broadway (the last Mr. Black space). Free before midnight if you say the F word, which is FELCHING. See you in the basement, where I'm DJing.

A party ain't a party till Telfar, Pepo, Michael and Will (clockwise from bottom left) run through it and get you to play Voodoo Ray and Sidewalk Talk one more time.

See you at next week's xmas eve Hannukah party!

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