Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hannukah fell smack on top of Christmas this year, meaning the Good Times Hannukah Hairy party overlapped with Christmas eve last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc, though that didn't stop the jews and jew admirers from giving a little latke lovin'.

Chaz kicked off the festivities by helping me light our now infamous beer bottle menorah. Toda raba Chaz!

Sadly, our loyal photographer Kelvin never showed, probs because he was picking out his drag costume for the F Word on Saturday (which was off the chain) so we had to resort to other photographers taking super closeups like this one here.

The holidays always bring out the randomest bedfellows.

Why isn't he drinking the Cherry Manischewitz we bought especially for Hannukah Hairy? The chutzpah!

I asked if he was one of those black jews from Times Square be he vehemently denied such activity.

Brian (left, with friend), rocking the Feygeleh realness tee.

Whoever had the camera (the ghost of Elijah?) was really into these headless body shots. I'm not complaining.


Do I spy Thomas on the right, a fellow I went out on a pseudo-date with many many moons ago? I'm not sure because I was trapped behind the menorah all night and this one didn't come and say hey ;(

I thought Bryan (right) would totally be busted for swapping tonsils with another dude but apparently his boyfriend says he's allowed to kiss others. How 2009 of them.

Speaking of 2009, come ring in the New Year with Super Good Times at Eastern Bloc on Wednesday. It's going to be so super that we're not charging a cover, we're giving away free shots at midnight and we're having extra special go-go banana boys for you to ogle.

Lots o' tourists abound in New York this week.

And if you're itching for some late night New Year's Eve partying, Daniel Nardicio (right, with porn star Owen Hawk!) will be hosting a loft party over at 24 9th Ave. at 14th st., 5th floor and I'm DJing it from 4 - 6am. Thanks for the Fleshlight Hannukah present Daniel!

Tramp stamp alert! If only he had chosen a hebrew symbol instead of a chinese one, which is so last century of him.

I'm guessing he didn't realize the party was called Hanukkah HAIRY.

PARTY BEAR BAKER SIGHTING! Matt the Baker (left, with Charles) has been majorly absent from Good Times due to his winter coat check obligations. Fear not, dear readers, because the party bear will be back in action come summer season. Just you wait.

Luke (center, with friends) who never let's a little sub-zero whether deter his deep-V fashions.


The most recognizable moustache and biceps in all of the EV. Can you name the sexy bartender?

Patches (right) and yours truly, reminding you that Homey don't play that.

The man that kicked off the Eastern Bloc jew festivities eons ago, Adam F., now in a cute feathered fedora.

Jews LOVE Tommy C. on the left.

He totally plotzed when the klezmer came on. I think I might have played Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel as well.

My New Years resolution is to attend more of Erik's Monday evening parties at Beauty Bar now that there are only three more Twin Cheeks at the Cock on Mondays before I move to Saturdaze.

Steven, bewildered at all the tallis on tallis action he sees before him.

Chad is another one who snubbed me in the DJ booth. I know it sometimes looks like there's a line forming outside the DJ booth but that's just to get into the bathroom people. Don't be shy.

Hannukah revelers, waiting for the game of Spin My Dreidel, which I had promised earlier on.

Bryan's V-neck seemed to sink deeper and deeper as the night went on, much like the hit song off of Madonna's Erotica album, which I've been getting an overwhelming number of requests for recently.

A full house on Christmas Eve? I mean, mid-Hannukah! Whodathunk it? I couldn't really see much with the bright lights of the menorah in my face but apparently our attedance was a true Hannukah miracle.

Quinn (left) and Mike, dressed to the 9's in their dandiest vests and bowties.

Nip slip! Or was it?

Kissing in front of a Jesus placard on the wall is the Hannukah way of getting lucky under the mistletoe.

Kevin (left) and friend, discussing their drastically different mid-winter skin tones.

These three were absolutely loving every single track I spun all night and stuck around till Santa came knocking on the front door begging for a shot of Jaeger.

Wait, that's not Santa. It's TOBELL! No Christmas Eve is ever complete without a rowdy drunken visit from Tobell.

They probably don't have many Hannukah parties in Berlin, which is exactly why Dirk flew over to come celebrate at ours.

My number one menorah mami, Ladyfag, came to sweep me away into the night as the Hannukah festivities wound down.

Aurelien (front) will most certainly see you next week though at Super New Year's Eve Good Times, where a smirky Darren (background) will be serving drinks all night to ring in '09. See you there.


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