Monday, December 29, 2008


Meet Fresh Celeste. Celeste seems to have been a booty music pioneer, though internet info on this beauty is scant.

According to, she had two albums and a slew of singles with early bass pioneers M-4 Sers. She also has youtube fans though never put out an actual music video. You can still youtube her 2 Live Crew response anthem, Get It Boy, though this came out in '94 at the tail end of her career. She obvs needs a come back album NOW.

In the track below, she turns Twist & Shout into a rumpshaking anthem. And I'm throwing in Young & Restless' Yoke the Damn Thing for good measure because how can you not love a booty track sampling Kylie Minogue/Little Eva's Locomotion?!

Fresh Celeste - Shake It Up
Young & Restless - Yoke the Damn Thing

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