Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Cock & Soul was a weekly Tuesday headed by DJ Gant Johnson over at the Cock when it was located on Avenue A. Last night, Cock & Soul returned as did legendary New York drag diva Mona Foot for a celebration of Grace Jones.

MONA! Giving us some Grace in our face.

Old school Mona Foot shirt from back in the day at Crow Bar, when she used to host Star Search.

Mona still knows how to work a crowd and boy was there a crowd.

Stephanie Stone in da house!

Xander, giving it.

A special Grace Jones performance by the one and only Kevin Aviance.

The Aviance entourage was also in the house, including Erika (above).

Grace herself would have been proud if she weren't too diva to come to the Cock (which you know she is).

The man of the hour, Mr. Gant Johnson, who also made and played these amazing video montages of Soul Train dancers and Grace Jones partying at the palladium.

My New Year's resolution in 2009 - get Shay to go-go dance at my parties.

Michael W. (with friends) in a homemade get-up. He's got the Grace Jones cheeks down pat.

Rich King and friend, repping the old school Cock & Soul shirts.

Jonté and a Japanese lady friend doing her best Yoko Ono impression.

And if you found that last comment offensive, try one-half Nelson in Grace Jones black face! AMAZINGNESS TIMES TEN MILLION BAJILLION!

Last but certainly not least, Ms. Mona Foot (with friend), still giving it after her performace. We love you Mona.

See you again at the next Cock & Soul reunion in 2012.

BONUS FOOTAGE: Mona's attempt to sing along with whatever Gant threw on. WHAT ABOUT LOLETTA HOLLOWAY?! WHAT ABOUT FIRST CHOICE?!!...


Anonymous said...

the pic with mona and friend is kevin aviance

Anonymous said...

Great photos from Cock & Soul. Thanks for posting them. Wish you had more of the stage performance - particularly when Mona did her opening Grace number which was SICKENING!
Yes, that friend is Kevin Aviance after he performed.
Also, the video footage Gant showed was of Grace on Cafe MTV at the Palladium, not Soul Train.
Oh, and Mona/Nashom was the co-host of the original Cock & Soul along with Gant.
tata and thanks again.

Jackson Panix said...

Mona look ovah.

Anonymous said...

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