Wednesday, November 05, 2008

ST. JOHN '08

I took a brief hiatus last week to travel down to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Island and celebrate my good friend Chris Bletzer's (aka Baby C's) 30th b'day.

Ahhhh, beautiful St. John. We love us some 85 degree weather and daily trips to Cinnamon Bay.

Baby C (left) and Fiona, who miraculous avoided the horrid sunburn she received on our trip to St. John last year.

Iguana go back to St. John ASAP!

Hotness on the beach. Actually, this was the only hotness we saw our whole trip there but I'm not complaining.

Honeymooners and Jersey folk, undoubtedly cracking open Miller and Bud Lights on the beach.

Sunset-ish view from the house where we stayed.

Chris' brother owns this place so it felt like we were back at home since we stayed here last year as well. Same deck set, same nightly Uno tournaments, though I won a few games this time.

Livin' the high (and hairy) life.

Maho Bay, which had calmer waters and chickens running around on the beach.

Chris doing his best impression of Timberlee singing No Stress, oh yes, STRESS FREE!

Jee arrived on day three and rented a car so we could tour other sides of the island.

A donkey diner or something (we didn't stop to investigate)...

Though we did come across an actual donkey. What an ass!

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