Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Freestyle par-tay! For no particular reason, we broke out the Cover Girls and Sweet Sensation jams at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week and begged our crowd to take it while it's hot.

Freestyle queen Erik K. (left), in the loving arms of Ken who was housesitting on the Lower East Side last week. Erik lovvvvvvvvvvves emailing me suggested freestyle playlists that include Linear and TKA. One way love indeed!

Everyone is all about keeping their boo warm this cold cold NYC winter.

Lookout Weekend started early for these four.

I love a man in a suit, especially one with shiny lapels and a snazzy tie to match.


Vague Tina Fey lookaline (in my dreams), aghast that I played Johnny O.and Cynthia's Dreamboy Dreamgirl three times throughout the night. Best song ever.

Gary (center, with Michael and Doug) sent me the sweetest thank you note after our Cover Girls party for playing freestyle at a gay bar. Doug, meanwhile, organized a petition for Britney Spears requests.

A covert advertisement for Twin Cheeks, my Monday at party at the Cock where well drinks are just $4 before 1am. And we're doing an underwear party in two weeks with Daniel Nardicio and Sammy Jo which is sure to be an extravaganza.

Rock and roll fag bar! Tommy Hotpants (left) and Richie, wishing that I was playing more Bikini Kill than Debbie Deb.

Adam, Richard and Steven are sincerely yours.

Mikey (left) and a frenchman named Charles, who might just love bbm-ing (Blackberry messaging) just as much as Mikey does, if that's possible.


More warm winter cuddliness. I secretly hope he is hiding a nest of dreadlocks up in that knit cap.

Trent (right) and friend, who camoflauged quite well with the Eastern Bloc red and black wall paper.

The hotness that is Jonathon (right) didn't remember hanging out together at a house party on Halloween for like, two hours.

The Good Times posse, taking Casey (center) to the point of no return.

Ryan (left) and friend, feeling the Giggles track in the background and thinking of sending a facebook Love Letter.

Maverick (bottom right) and crew, who happily refers to patrons of Good Times as the Bearded Mafia, which I so want to use as the name for a new weekend one-off party. Any takers?

Yes please. These two are inspiring all sorts of Pajama Parties and I'm not just talking about the Daphne Rubin-Vega freestyle trio.

Master of ceremonies, with his bitches Doug (left) and Jeroen.

Daniel (left) and friend, "scarfing" down all the $4 Svedka and Killians they can drink before 4am. And its $2 vodka and rolling rocks before 11!

Willie (left), with Kevin and a lady friend who looks like she could be a Diamond Girl if she can feel what I am feeling.

My three first and foremost loves, Sean, Charles and Evans (from left). These three are absolutely flawless.

A martini? Really?


James (right) and Jaime, who is the biggest freestyle queen I have ever met ever ever ever! And I'm from Long Island, so that's saying something.

Chris (center, with David and lady friend) was like, "OOOOOOH, this lady friend of mine is a real, bonafide STRIPPER! Play Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and she will LOSE IT!"

Spring Love (in the winter time).

This crew could totally be a Long Island City freestyle gang, armed with Aqua Net and Lee Press-ons.

Don't mess with us or we'll pole dance you into oblivion!

Telfar says, "Goodnight! Sleep tight! And come get stuffed at next week's Thanksgiving Eve blow out."

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a fellow american said...

i can't believe you did a shout out to twin cheeks on the mic last wed. you're so fired!