Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Halloween in the big apple! More pressure than New Year's Eve, more parties than Ibiza.

I wore a pregnant trans-man get-up while house guest Leon donned a dead shark victim caught up in trash look.

Lulu dressed as a satanic clown for the third year in a row and had yet another random french friend staying at Hotel Ludo.

Vampiric Jaime, with dilated pupil contacts that made him look really really wired.

Hot dog on the subway.

Boy scout Mikey and his girl scout bitches (Leon included).

Doug, dressed at Doug, who hosted a most bodacious house party. Thanks Doug!

Creepy life-sized and button-eyed teddy bear.

John Lennon from the Sgt. Pepper's era.

My second favorite costume of the entire evening, because when you think about it, everybody should wear animals on their head everyday.

This might have been his everyday attire but I'm feeling it regardless.

Sarah dressed as Sarah Palin's shopping spree but might have been upstaged by the best costume of the evening behind her, crazy McCain rally lady! Watch the real thing here.

Melissa and Timmy, who totally dusted off his band camp duds for the special occasion.

Woodsman on construction worker makeout realness.

One of 10 Karl Lagerfelds I saw on Halloween.

Mikey D. in a toga.

Little Bo Peep Steve (left, with Chris and Jay), who definitely had the best outfit at Mr. Black and twirled nonstop on the dance floor till like, 5am.

Every day is Halloween for Ladyfag.

The sexiness that is Mark F. in a wrestling onesie, with added rubber enhancement.

Late late night, after these dudes lost their costumes and Leon found a french fry friend named Tracy.

What a surprise! Jon Jon Fields standing next to the DJ booth as Sammy Jo turns it out. Whodathunk it?

Thanks for the great party Duane and a chicken-suited Stuart!

Already planning my John Bobbitt costume for Halloween 2009.


Anonymous said...

That looked like a lot of fun.

And you're simply glowing (read:hysterical) as a pregnant trans-man! Who's the daddy!?

I gotta link this one!

Anonymous said...

Love, love LOVE the low-cut overalls Transman! Woof. (We should see more of that!)