Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Since I'm headed to Berlin very very soon, it seemed like an appropriate time to play all things Peaches, that Canadian superstar who has since set up shop in Germany's newest and bestest megalopolis, two weeks ago at our Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Sorry for the delay in posting 'em.

Jimmy was away that week so I kicked off the evening at 10pm, accompanied by a slightly inebriated Mike V. (left), who started speaking slurry Spanglish after a few more drinks.

Good Times is happy to have Big Art Group's Ned (left, with Casey) checking your coats every Wednesday this winter. He might even help you find fingerless gloves if you tip him well.

Ms. Burke was all about my all-night set, which probably included lots of Sugababes just for him even though I have yet to get the new Girls Aloud and Grace Jones albums. I've been busy!

Chaz (left), biting into his favorite Philly cheesesteak Jason.

Hola amigos! This is the reason I would like to travel to Spain and Mexico and South America very very soon.

Ethan is all smiles thinking about the upcoming 40% sale at Barneys.

Paul P. made (second from left) made a rare public appearance and got all champagne room with James (right) with the lap dances and boob grabbing. Simmer down, boys.


Who dares to blur the gorgeous face that belongs to Garret (right)?! You KNOW it was drunken Kelvin's paw print too.

Mike V., officially two sheets to the wind.

CIAO, BELLO! Marco (left, with Joe) flew in from Italia solely to hear me DJ before and after the Roisin Murphy concert that Friday. He also didn't mind when we met her and listened to her soundcheck.

Xander, giving pastel plaid fall fashion realness, completed with cowboy boots y'all.

Stephen (right) may only be doube A be he's totally thinking triple X.

A rare non-bearded beau on the left who can diddle my skittle any day he'd like.

Ooooooh! The day finally arrived when my best friend from San Fran, Roberto (right) and his adorable bf Howie made it to Good Times. If only they had stayed until this past Monday when Patti Lupone made a surprise appearance at Splash - Howie would have exploded.

I am loving absolutely everything about the one on the left and admiring the reenactment of Hairspray's Shake a Tail Feather on the right.

Maybe the whole party was San Fran themed given the dirty dancer's Mission tshirt shown here.

If only that tshirt was a reference to Annie's I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me, the most underrated song of summer/fall '08.

Rockette Holiday Show Spectacular, the Eastern Bloc edition.

Photo taken indoors, FYI.

I think I was playing Set It Off at this point, not sit it off.

James (right) was coaxing me into playing a Hole/Yeah Yeah Yeah's set (as usual) which I probably did.

Peaches would approve because Peaches lurves her some armpit and pubic hair.

Jeff, Andre and Luke (from left), deep in debate about the racial implications of this year's presidential election. GO-BAMA!

This picture is very Pop Rocks at Good Times, which is kind of appropriate giving all the old and new Kylie I've been playing of late.

Hi Charlie! Charlie's been gone for a minute because he lives in Brooklyn and has a boyfriend and asked for too many drink tickets in 2007. But we're glad to have him back, even if for one night only.

Fuck the pain away.

Did you know that Eddie (left) goes by the moniker Black Eddie? I'm totally calling myself White Sparber from now on.


I'm not sure where all these drag queens arrived from but I hope they come back every week.

Mikey (right), an admirer and Casey, who are all getting ready to rock the shocker. Ian (left) was also in town from SF and being a little sassafras everytime he spoke to me.

I love these two. They need to start a gang and have a major rivalry with the Heatherette gang.

Maverick (right, with Jeff) chopped his hair off and looks all the more handsome for it, even if he asked me 231 times if I liked his new 'do.

Aussie aussie aussie! Jay (left) was on working holiday in NYC for a few weeks and has now moved on to London and Berlin before returning to Melbourne. Come back soon, Mr. Matthews!

The handsomeness that is DJ Will, kiki-ing with me in the booth.

Naked Charlie. Nuff said.

Darren made his way over to Eastern Bloc after a ruckus clown-themed evening at Spit, which is now defunct. R.I.P. Spit. I wish you didn't happen opposite my party so I could have attended more than once.

Roze is my reason for living.

Ricardo is winking goodbye at you knowing that he'll see you next week at another Good Times. Till then, xo.

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