Saturday, November 29, 2008


A month after reopening at the club space known as Rebel, gay dance den Mr. Black is alive and well and awaiting your visit. I attended the Addict/Gary 49 Friday night party last night and recounted my take on the various spaces it has occupied.

Mr. Black I - I liked this Broadway and Bleeker space because it was conveniently located. It's also the only Mr. Black space I have DJed in so far (HI STUART! CALL ME!) so I think back on it fondly, though truth be told, it was always too empty or too crowded and the DJ booth smelled like sewage.

Mr. Black 1.5 - This was when Mr. Black floated around from club to club, temporarily sharing a space with Shelter down in Tribeca. I only made it here once and it was after 4am so the door lady was like, ITS NOT MR. BLACK AFTER 4AM. SORRY! and I left.

Mr. Black II - My favorite Mr. Black space so far, mostly because the upstairs party took on a life of its own and was all dancefloor. This space also nailed down the current (and perfect) DJ lineups as well personable guest hosts, including yours truly.

Mr. Black III - Now at Rebel (30th and 8th ave.), I have to travel a little further west to hear Gant and Nita and Telfar and Michael and Ezra on a Saturday but its all good. The front room is a little less conducive to dancing but now its way easier to flow from one room to the other.

Friday night's most rewarding moment was W. Jeremy of House of Stank in the front room, who introduced me to the new word for the amazing electro house he plays, known as "fidget." Me likey. And me and Timmy host again Saturday, December 20. Expect outfits.



Funny you should use that picture of all. I will have to explain this to you in private.

Pants said...

I'd put money on you being over fidget in a day or two. :p