Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I don't usually snap pictures at the Cock because what happens at the Cock stays at the Cock, but our chintzy and amazing All White, All American Memorial Day party decorations needed to be recorded.

I say white party, you say Puerto Rican wedding. Bartender Chris (left) and Matt shortly after doors opened at 11.

Of course, things got jumpin' jumpin' once go-go hunk Darren jumped on the bar and the decorations began to fall.

That's a white glow stick (flash photography ruins everything!) on a very drunk Matt S. His boyfriend begged me to post this photo.

My main ho James (left), with his plastic yet punk rock shredded white lei.

It's the waiter from Banjara, my favorite Indian restaurant! Oh how I love that place. And oh how I don't believe in shedding light on thing that happen in the darkness of the Cock. You'll just have to come to Twin Cheeks one Monday and find out for yourself.

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