Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We skipped the New York Cut Copy concerts last week and had a Cut Copy party of our own at Good Times @ Eastern Bloc last Wednesday.

Hearts on fire indeed! Pablo (right) skipped work as our shirtless barback to spend the evening with his new honey, Florentino, who's only in town till the end of May.

DJ Jimmy (left) took a disco nap on Josh's shoulder during my DJ set, since he had just flown in from Hong Kong earlier that day. Homeboy gets around (the world).

Lapo (right) and I workout together solely so I can wear tank tops like this. Sadly we don't tan together, which is why I'm looking to pale.

No party is complete without my new favorite party boy in the whole of New York City, Armando (left), who lives in the same building as Jonathan (right).


Bill (right) got into the groove probably when I threw on the older Cut Copy stuff like Saturdays and Going Nowhere.

There was another less smiley, more posed photo of these three but I really genuinely feel like this one captures the essence of Good Times--dark jeans and light jeans partying together!

Showing off what he had learned at that pole dancing workout class they have at Crunch.

International male Evans is looking hyper sexee with his new mohawk. Or faux hawk. Or 'fro hawk!

There is a lot of black going on in this picture, clothing-wise of course.

A very precious broach for a very precious boy in chiffon.

Scotty and Kelvin on a cigarette break, looking more like the Marlboro Man and ummm, a little Puerto Rican guy making fart sounds with his armpit.

Incognito Mikey, looking super cute in glasses. Say hi to Mikey at Hiro's coat check this Sunday, where he's sure to make major bank due to the holiday weekend. Speaking of which, MEMORIAL DAY ALL-WHITE TWIN CHEEKS is this Monday at the Cock. Wear white, bitches!

Darren K. is growing his hair out in anticipation of his imminent move to Brooklyn in the next few weeks. We say DON'T DO IT CORY KOONS!

Magamet and friend striking a pose, most likely during a Mariah Carey jam that Magamet could wile out to.

Do my eyes deceive me or are James and Richie Moo sharing a kiss?!! This is like one of those twin porns where brothers hook up with each other. Or in this case, sisters.

Ack! Another East Village resident known throughout the land as Patches is relocating to...Hell's Kitchen! He says he'll be back for parties but you know he's going to be all up on the Ritz or wherever non-bearded people hang out up there.

Drunk lesbo fight! JR (left) basically had to prop up his main squeeze, K. D. Lang Matt Sandoval, who had a featured video on youtube last week. "Youuuuutuuuuuuuuube."

Rune! Oh how we love the great Danes at Good Times.

Ed got all camera shy about having his pic posted on the internet. Ironic, no?

HEAVEN'S GATE FASHIONISTA ALERT! If only he was wearing the purple and black Nike's to boot.

Rafael, Gary, me and James (clockwise, from left) are forming a cult of our own. It's called Rebel Girls, cause we're the queens of the neighborhood.

Luke (left) and Fritz felt more at home once the Kylie kicked in.

Dude on the left was two sheets to the wind at this point. Notice how nonplussed he was by the pootay tang up in his johnson...

...and yet suddenly, he was like, LETS TAKE A PICTURE TOGETHER! Creepy, right. Somehow I was looking really photogenic though.

Gabe substitute bartended for Darren D., who had probably been on a bigmuscle binge needed a night off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE! We love us some tauruses up in here.

Party promoter Earl Dax joined the pole dancing classes later on. I love how the chick is all, grip and flex, then hold for 10.

The non-makeout photo of these two, which is cute and heart warming and really, who needs to see another makeout photo on Twerking. Not I.

Boobies and sultry dresses, on the other hand, will never go out of style.

LAST CALL! I love when people order like, 10 drinks at last call. How are you going drink that in five minutes? See you next week!


Oh, and Monday = Memorial Day = ALL AMERICAN ALL-WHITE TWIN CHEEKS @ THE COCK. So wear white bitches. $4 All American Rolling Rocks and Jack Daniels shots all night.


Anonymous said...

Always enjoy the pics, but especially like the ones of YOU! Yum.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. But I do not think the word "nonplussed" means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

hola pablo!