Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Tauruses, unite! I celebrated my birthday with Lulu, Joe M. and bartender Darren in true Good Times fashion last Wednesday. Record turnout, drunken hoes on the pole. You know the deal.

Doesn't it slightly creep you out when grown men wear little league jerseys? Not that I haven't done it. Just sayin'.

This was the scene when I walked into Eastern Bloc shortly after 10pm. Holy crowd control.

Marcus (left), reenacting the chorus to Touch My Body. "Youtuuuuuuuuuuube."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LULU! We are so so happy that you've found love with your hot boyfriend Chris (right) and got a promotion and are rocking a hot leather daddy look. Good Times still misses your weekly presence. And so does Craigslist.

Your Good Times masters of ceremonies, me (left) and Jimmy. It's my party and I'll eat cupcakes if I want to!

Jacob, Andrew and Tony, now hanging with a beer-guzzling Lindsay Lohan friend.

This reminds me of that Avenue D song that is all, "Shut up and stick, just stick it in! Shut up and stick it in!"

What's the New York age of consent again? 17?

Pablo (left) reunited with his french paramour Jeremie, who is literally the whitest person alive.

Fun with camera angles!

Raise your hand if you love Good Times!

Lulu and his lady friends, who are digging on his handlebar mustache thingamajig.

Jaime (left) is now Matt the Baker's bossman. That's right. Matt is doing day shifts over at the Phoenix Monday through Wednesday, 4pm - 10pm. Go stalk him and tell him to hold the roofies when you order.

Andy wants peace in the Middle East, and by Middle East, he means Beirut, because I was going to travel there this summer till Hezbollah got all "we own this bitch" on me. Now I'll be traveling to Berlin instead, since it kind of has the same spelling.

Gabriel (right) loves to tell me that I'm going to be his husband and I just don't know it yet.

My girls Ryan (left) and Cameron, who never tire of hearing Kylie and Girls Aloud and Geri Halliwell. Never.


Jacob and Andrew, dazzling in their purpleness.

Sometimes I have dreams about all the sexiness that is Tony's nose (right) and how it will be mine all mine once David Davis (left) leaves for life in a bathing suit on Fire Island this summer.


Chris (right) is going to tell me he hates this picture and to take it down, not because he doesn't look good in it. Just to be difficult.

Outrage at my lack of new Madonna songs. Sorry folks! I'm still not hard for Hard Candy.

Sultry, or pissed that he's being photographed?

Porn star Chris Stone, fresh off the heels of his holiday in Rio de Janiero, where allegedly everyone thought he was Brazilian. (He's not. He's from a farm in Maryland.)

Jonathan and Jacob (from left), counterbalancing for the straightness on the other end of this photo.

Chris made a mad dash away from the bald dude in the background, who thought Chris would be all his in his homemade sling.

BAD NEWS PEOPLE! Kevin (left) is closing up perfume vending shop and relocating back to San Francisco for the summer. Yes, I know. Part of me died when he told me too. Then Steven's Chaka Kahn shirt cheered me up, but only a little.

And then Good Times turned into The Townhouse.

Well hello! Didn't mean to startle you over there. Can I buy you a $4 svedka?

Charlie (left) and Ken, being the total photo sluts we know and love.

Outside the bar, we found this little leprechaun perched on the stoop next door, smoking a cigarette and being cute as all hell.

Ken told me he had just bought a "military green" Stella, though apparently its true color is avocado green. FAG! He also received some love note from a dude who drives a white Stella on sixth street. If you're down for joining Ken's Stella posse, let me or him know.

Matt (left) and Jonathan, sadly NOT with Armando, who came out and partied this week at my other amazing weekly, Twin Cheeks @ Cock on Mondays. I think we're projecting Teen Witch there this week. TOP THAT!

I WANNA MAKE LOVVVVVVVE IN THIS CLUB! (Hey!) In this club (Hey!)...

Alexyss K. Tylor personally sent Josh (right) that amazing tshirt with her likeness on it. If you're not familiar with Ms. Tylor and her Vagina Power public access show, click here.

When it comes to unbuttoning summertime shirts, handsome men like those pictured here need to make like the limbo and ask themselves how low can you go.

Hi Mark! Come protect me at the DJ booth. There is a scary straight requesting the new Madonna single for the gazillionth time.

As usual, it wouldn't be a birthday celebration if this chick didn't get up on the pole.


Carlos got all up in the DJ booth and was thrilled beyond belief when I allowed him to wear my headphones. Oh, he was hammered beyond belief too.

If there's one thing Duane (left) likes, its drunk Spanish boys such as Mike (right).

Duane and his shot at love for the evening, Carlos.

Happy birthday Joe! I don't know why Kelvin didn't take more photos of you but I love you and love sharing a birthday with you. Let's do it again next the Republica Dominicana!


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated, Josh!

I must have the AKT tshirt!

Sparber said...

Thanks! You should order one from her site. It took like, two months to arrive but I believe its worth it.

James Ryan said...

the avenue d song really goes something like this: don't wanna know your name, uh-uh, don't need to see your face, uh-uh, boyriend's coming home soon, uh-uh, wanna taste your nut, uh-uh, so stick it in my butt.