Wednesday, May 07, 2008


As a birthday present to myself, I flew off to London this past weekend to celebrate with my good friend Alex (who also happened to have a birthday) and his lovely set of gay gents.

I didn't take any pictures of all the parties we went to (The George & Dragon, Joiners, Trailer Trash, Ducky and Dirty Fairy) but I DID snap some shots of our joyous birthday barbecue in Alex's backyard.

The birthday boys! Alex (right) has lots of bear-ish friends, as you can see in the background.

There was also a lesbian contingent since Alex's roommate is sapphic.

Pale gays and overcast weather. What more could a birthday boy ask for?

Mark (pictured here) told me that British barbecues always consist of poorly cooked food and scattered showers. And when it started raining, nobody batted an eyelash except for me, as I ran for cover.

Jeremy's most amazingest tshirt ever. EMRTW!

Later on, there was a bit of wig play and Alex even transformed into his alter ego, Monika (not pictured). Then he flushed his cell phone down the toilet. Oops!

I think that's a pitcher of Pims, some quintessential British drink that I couldn't really get into.

Dildo question and answer session, natch.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX! And happy birthday me. Come celebrate with me (and Ludo and Joe and Darren the bartender) at Eastern Bloc this Wednesday.

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