Saturday, May 24, 2008


May has been a slow music month for me since my iTunes library file became corrupted and I had to rebuild a large part of it. BOO HOO. Here are a hodgepodge of new tracks I've been playing out, as well as an Inaya Day oldie. How did I ever miss that one?

1. De Tropix - Oi
2. Miss B. - Six Inch Pumps
3. Phoenix Phenom - Boom Dynamite
4. Three 6 Mafia - I'd Rather
5. Inaya Day - Keep Pushin' (Mousse T Cut Up)

And just in case you missed Phoenix Phenom's first single, Jukebox (which you probably did. I think it only got airplay on Chicago radio), she's back with a cheerleading anthem. Oh how I miss me some ESPN cheer offs. I SAID THERE MUST BE SOME TOROS IN THE AT-MOS-PHERE!

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