Wednesday, May 07, 2008


We almost had a Hard Candy party for Madonna's new album last Wednesday at Good Times @ Eastern Bloc but then our good sense got the better of us and instead, we celebrated all the electro dance pop pleasures of Yelle.

Maybe this is why the smell of dead fish was emanating through the bar.

Kelvin did a straws-in-my-butt photo shoot with a more than willing patron, though the final result was highly not safe for work. Or this blog.

It's that Paula Abdul cutie from a few months ago, caught up in a menage a quatre. A cause des garcons!

Greases pieces!

Hi Ryan! Hi Paul! Hi Sampson! Here's to the arrival of summer, sunsets and long walks on the beach. Maybe I'll finally make it to that barge with the pool on it this year.

Pablo and his bitches from Miami got their Good Times on during Jimmy's set and then had to leave before I began playing. Boo hoo!

Mr. Blacks.

He's totally fishing for Chicklets.

One way to stand out in the middle of summer: wear a big furry Russian hat at indoor bars.

Kelvin got a little slack this week so here's a recap of the scene, with Mr. Bone and Jaime on the left and a purpled up Adam White on the right.

Mike (left) and Matt are having a secret off-camera love affair. You can also say hi to Matt (formerly of Tompkins Square Bakery) over at the Phoenix, where he'll be tending bar in the early evenings.


Ricky (left) and friend, who later went home and practiced their tektonic dance moves (in my dreams).

Total Top Tony (left) might be hooking me up with with a high fashion DJ gig. Stay tuned! And keep your fingers to yourself Mark (right).

Paul, Jesse and co. went cra-ra-ra-razy when I played Tracy Ullman's They Don't Know, which is apparently a Kirsty MacColl cover. Thanks for the mp3 Jesse!

Sexy vintage workout bag realness, which makes me want to go on eBay and buy 10 vintage workout bags. And wait till you see my summer tank top collection, courtesy of eBay.

Dan (right) is an old friend from Ohio who was in town all weekend for some theater going and boy chasing. Magamet (left) was victim numero uno.

Alex is Good Times' official "straight" poster boy.

Then Kelvin left with the camera and went up to Hells Kitchen, hence the shortage of pictures. When he finally returned, Alex snapped this time lapse shot of me and I played some old school Madonna (aka Confessions on a Dancefloor and before) and called it a night.

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jp said...

daaaaaaamn. The old friend from Ohio is smokin' hot.