Friday, May 23, 2008


Madame Tussauds' New York branch of the famous wax museum opened in 2000, long after my era of taking school field trips or family visits to New York City museums. Plus it costs $30 entry, which is why I jumped at a free event they were hosting last week.

My former coworker Lucile and I were greet by Hulk, which is probably the largest statue there.

Hi Paris. That's hot.

In the black tie evening wear room (the rooms are arranged REALLY randomly), Rupaul stands front and center atop a glitzy fountain. GAY!

Ozzy and Sharon and two of the more lifelike statues. Well, Ozzy is. Sharon could be any old 70s soap star without her suit jacket.

Once my friend went to a Spice Girls cd signing back in the day and Bette Midler cut the entire line!

Black people love posing with Biggie Smalls, who had his own room/shine.

But then Rachel Ray got her own room as well. And NOBODY likes posing with Rachel Ray.

Dictators! Dictators are my favorite thing ever, so I was ecstatic to pose with Castro and Yassar, who was apparently a real shorty.

Mahogany? Is that you?

Sometimes they grouped really random gays and lesbians near each other, like Billie Jean King and Elton John. What's THAT about?

Tina and Bono. I'm dying to see the real Tina in concert later this year.


And finally, the Spice Girls...WITHOUT GERI. WTF?

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