Wednesday, March 19, 2008


An evening dedicated to Janet Jackson at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Need I say more?

Cheryl (right) squeezing her main squeeze, Ka-Man. Cheryl and I were karaoke royalty in the Philippines a few years ago but now I just watch her cut a rug on the dance floor.

This birthday crew was orgasmic amounts of fun, as you can clearly see on this lady's face.

Kevin is back from the left coast and just turned 32 years young! Happy Birthday Kevin!

I dove right into Janet Jackson's repertoire. Someone even thanked me for playing "If," though by the looks of this picture, I was probably playing the Pleasure Principle at this point.

Lulu (right) brought his new boyfriend Chris downtown for a taste of Good Times.

Man oh man! I knew something at the bar smelled smoky. Behold the burning powers of the firecrotch!

Sean (left) is the most darling patron ever and for that, I have promised to do an M People night just for him.

Door guy Scot got really into the Eastern Bloc theme, as in he dressed as if he were checking IDs in the former soviet bloc.

Pablo is back from Berlin but still dressing very schprockets.

Ooooh. A rare Wednesday night appearance by the king of New York City sleazy gay parties and, Daniel Nardicio (left, with Josh A.)

Suffering from overexposure in last week's pictures, Adam opted to keep a lower profile and a lower v-neck this week.

Wouldn't it be crazy if Janet Jackson actually showed up at Good Times for Janet Jackson night but wore a hat and trench coat the whole time and made out with gay dudes just to blend?


Kelvin (right) was back as the head bitch in charge of the pictures you see before you. Missing from this set is the picture Kelvin took of himself seated on the toilet dropping a deuce. Thanks for the imagery Kelvin!

And I didn't even play Mariah Carey's Touch My Body!

The sexiness that is Darren and his surprise vagina. Kidding! Darren packs heat and you might have seen it on the stripper pole or on the internet or at the Black Party this coming weekend.

Sisters Ryan (left) and Josh were feeling SO MUCH BETTA after I mixed in new Janet with the old Janet.


Looks like Josh and Thomas (right) found someone to their lover (the so so def remix).

Looks like someone's been kissed by a rose on the gray, Seal style.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Steve is my favorite firecrotch ever. He also has the high score on Photo Hunt at Phoenix bar.

How kind of these cute guys to bring out their retarded friend on the left.


As Luther Vandross and Janet once sang, the best things in life are free. Like DVDs from the library.

If only he knew where Darren's head has been.

I think Tim told me that he was in Britney Spears' Slave 4 U video. Naturally, he's been shopping around his I Was A Slave 4 Britney.

James (left) and Stuart went to high school together back in the day, which kind of looks like when this picture was taken.

Eric is a genius when it comes to sweatshirt earring coordination.

Alex (left) was very into Janet's Black Cat, the secret hit of the evening by all accounts (after everyone slow danced to Again).

I believe Valdez (left, with Miko) kept his clothes on this week but don't quote me on that.

Gonorrhea check!

I love me a cute winter coat. And I'm in the market for one. Any leads?

That time of the night when vision gets a little blurry and so does the camera.

Mikey wrote me a note saying "you had me at Depeche Mode." I should have written back and said, "LETS PLAY MASTER AND SERVANT" but that probably would have seemed creepy.

I think this is one of co-DJ Jimmy's friends because a) he was hanging with Jimmy in the DJ booth and b) they both wear beaded peace necklaces!

Matt (left) and Marlon, performing some non-bearded beard rubbing realness.

Jonathan came to get Disciplined and was giving really positive FEEDBACK.

His friend even did an amazing 4am booty dance when I started playing northern soul dance classics from the 1988 John Waters version of the film Hairspray.


My new Nike Air tshirt. Thank you ebay.

And finally, Matt begged for Madison Time so I played Madison Time and everyone danced on home. HIT IT!


Josh Oooh Ahh said...

why are my tits the center of 2/3 photos of me?


Anonymous said...

so, you say darren is packin' heat. rumor is that you, djsparber, are packin 8.5 yourself.

and, mostly bottom, too.

my favorite combo.

can anyone vouch, boys? ;-)


Anonymous said...

i think DJ Josh used to have a webcam. and, i think i remember seeing quite the dick on the boy. and, quite the chest!