Sunday, March 30, 2008


Lara Flynn Boyle will always be Donna Hayward to me. I was a Twin Peaks fanatic in high school after watching the entire series at my friend's house on laserdisc. (I am also a laserdisc fanatic, but that's another story.) I loved me some Sherilyn Fenn, Madchen Amick and Lara Flynn Boyle.

So young! So pretty! Did you know Lara was only 20 when she starred in Twin Peaks, which I recently acquired the Definitive Gold Box Edition of on DVD? I also visited Snoqualmie Falls, site from the opening sequence, and the Double R diner in Washington State once upon a time.

I know Donna, er, I mean Laura isn't 20 anymore. She's 38 and has been married twice after dating such Hollywood hunks as Jack Nicholson (age 70) and David Spade. Gross. But after a few appearances on Awful Plastic Surgery, she showed up in Beverly Hills last night looking like this:

Ack! Bring back Donna Hayward! It must be tough to age in Hollywood but the collagen injections, cheek implants and whatever else Lara did to fuck up her face are not helping. She looks like she's been straight up beat in the face by the log lady. Here's how I'd like to remember her:


Anonymous said...

i fell in love with her on t.v's "the practice" and then there was a rumor that she got her anus bleached - now i believe it!

Jonathan said...

I miss Donna Hayward too. I do love her in Happiness though!

Sparber said...

Yes. Happiness was near the tail end of good Lara Flynn Boyle movies. And Waynes World.

Anonymous said...

hell YES! any fan of Twin Peaks is a friend of mine! but do be careful out in the woods . . . "the owls are not what they seem".