Tuesday, March 04, 2008


And finally, Trannyshack. I specifically stayed in San Fran till Wednesday so I could catch this local drag institution, which I somehow missed out on every other time I was in the bay area.

Peaches Christ hosted, explaining that the 1920s cabaret-themed evening would have zero intermissions.

Juanita More is apparently THE queen about town in SF. Everyone has a Juanita story or knows her in one way or another.

I forget David's drag name but he's both an incredible seamstress and performer. He's the only queen that I saw both in and out of drag during my vacation.

Performing a number about big feet while wearing scary pterodactyl feet.

While I'm not really big on cover charges at bars (every venue in San Fran has one), these girls were well worth the money.

This guy wasn't the best performer but was soooooooooooo cute. I'm sure he's the toast of SF, or at least that's what I heard from some audience members.

Roberto was like, "I bet David whipped those outfits together on his lunch break" and then Kevin told me that David had indeed made the costumes that night. Wunderkind.

It's the hot mess from the Oscar's gala! And yes, his friend is smoking a joint out in the open at a gay bar.

Actually, for one number, the performers came out and passed around six joints to the audience. I felt like I had finally arrived in San Fran. Then I felt hungry and tired.

Frisco kids love to ask, "DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING LIKE THIS IN NEW YORK?!!" Answer: not really.

Hoku, a female drag queen (whatever that means).

At some point, I kind of lost interest in the performances and decided that I needed to pee and get another drink, especially since the bars close at 2am and it was nearly 1am.


So dreamy.

Once I relieved myself, there was no way I was getting back up front.

Thank you for the great times Juanita, Peaches and everyone else in San Fran: Roberto, Kevin, Gregor & Chris, Matt, Roxane, Heather, Maryann and all the crazy homeless people who seem to have Aspergers syndrome. I hope to see you again very very soon.


Anonymous said...

We miss you come back soon!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are adorable. Glad you had fun on your visit!

Love your furr, bud