Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last Wednesday, I sent out an email inviting everyone to an evening of the Knife for our Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Well apparently, it sounded as if the Knife were performing at Eastern Bloc because all these people wrote back being like, WHAT TIME DO THEY GO ON?! Silly gays.

It seemed like we had struck A-list gold last week when Alan Cumming made a cameo, but that was nothing compared to our delight of having writer/actor/hunk/genius Mike Albo (right) pop in this week.

Tim (left) may or may not have been on a date with Matthias (right), but I'd like to think he wasn't since gay dates at gay bars is like getting romantic at a brothel.

Cheers to the Knife! If you haven't seen their video for Pass This On, you haven't lived.

Let's play count the number of black leather jackets that were worn out to Good Times this past week. Black pleather coats count too.

Brothers or boyfriends? I wanted to say Spanish turistsa but they answered in good old American English when I asked them for a pic.

Heath (left) just moved back to New York after a few years abroad and had no idea that people outside of Sweden knew the words to Heartbeats. Then he told me to do some Knife/Jose Gonzales mashup and I was like, no.

The inimitable Charlie Katsu, who was mistaken for Jimmy by a drunken, racist bar patron.

Playwright James Ryan Caldwell hung out for a while and then told us he would "get in trouble" with his boyfriend if he stayed out too late, whatever that means.


Richie (right) and his roommate Danny, instead of being all about the nookie like most other Good Times patrons, are all about the noogie.

Kelvin (center) took on the paparazzo duties for the night and did an absolutely stellar job. Thanks Kelvin!

The hotness that is Hamish introduced himself and requested AC/DC, which I thought was a joke but then he disappeared so maybe he was just mad that I didn't play it. Next week Hamish!

Eric (right) and Adam, probably beholding another noogie session going on beside them.

This looks like some gay outtake of a Go-Go's album cover. Adam (left) is obviously Belinda.

If only I had been playing Lisa Lisa's Can You Feel the Beat. Speaking of which, I think another Lisa Lisa night is overdue.

Jimmy (left) and his buddy Sam, in one of Kelvin's many intentionally askew pictures.

Another trend at this week's party was face biting, as seen here with Jake (right) and his hungry lady friend.

Jason (center) has 932 facebook friends, and he's not even promoting himself as a DJ. Yet.

Please take a moment to admire the beautiful symmetry of the above photo. It's like watching synchronized swimming, but with beers and beards instead of swim caps and bathing suits.

Did I mention that Good Times was insanely crowded this week? Actually, it's been crowded every week but now that Project Runway is finally over, we can get back to drinks at 10 instead of 11pm.

Mikey (right) works at the Bowery Hotel and has the best room service stories ever. Ask him about it.

Marlon (right) made his Good Times debut on Wednesday, complete with posed punching photos and a next day hangover.

Joe (left) showed up with workout guru Susan Powter. Just kidding! But if Susan Powter showed up at our party, I think I would die.

Shane (center)! I finally got your name right and will stop calling you Justin Timberlake. I promise. You are the O.G. of black leather jackets. xo, Josh

Sammy held down bar duties while Darren housesat in Philly.

Barback go-go dancer Darren (center) can just stand there all night and be sexy and make everybody happy, including me.

Kissing cousins!

Robert (left, with Nate) was stoked when I finally played Kino off the Knife's first album. I was going to play Lasagna earlier on but I thought that would weird out the gays.

Your DJs for the evening. Nobody really appreciated my Luke Perry 90210 shirt as much as I had hoped but that's the breaks.

Florida gang signs, I am guessing.

While many say that hats like this often come off as "douchey," I am really feeling this particular one.

The indoor scarf trend continues into March.

Tommy (right) was all over this 21-year-old Long Island dude (left) who had just come out as "bi" the week before.

Jason (left) and Mikey, through the camera lens of Kelvin, who is obviously really really short.

March 30th marks the five year anniversary of the New York City smoking ban in bars and my lungs couldn't be happier.

Damian (right) was all bullshit that Tommy (three pictures up) was trying to get a piece of the 21 year old, since homeboy was supposed to stay at Damian's or take the Long Island Rail Road back home.

Something about this picture makes me feel like I mixed in some Kylie Minogue between Silent Shout and Got 2 Let U Know.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! Ryan (left) celebrated a late night birthday at Good Times with Valdez (right) and others. Sadly, he left the birthday cake at Phoenix bar. Shame!

Chaz (left) is back from Denmark and back with his man Ethan (right), who I love more and move every day.

Chaz brought David (left) back from Denmark with him to serve as his intern for two months. Unfortunately for Jimmy (middle, with Ashton), David is straight.

Claw at Cameron now folks. He's off to Texas next week and won't be back until he's torn through the South by Southwest music festival.

Ryan (left) and Sampson, who are apparently back together. These two are like Tommy and Pam. On again, off again, on again, off again...

Let's all wear tshirts that say I HEART TALL ADAM. They could even be plaid tshirts.

Hurricane Jason was not at harmful levels on Wednesday but please stay on alert for further storm warnings.

We hear Barrage poster boy Kyle has finally gained admission to the masters/PhD program of his dreams at Columbia. Congrats Kylie!

It's my photogenic muse from last week! Gorgeousness.

Now that the baker has shaved his beard and grown his beard out, he is "bearly" recognizable. Buh dum bum.

Marlon hung around till closing time, hence the need for many bathroom breaks. TO RELIEVE HIMSELF. Get your mind out of the coke-filled gutter, people.

And finally, the evening wouldn't be complete without an old guy on a recorder playing along to my dance-y electro pop at 3am. See you next week!


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