Sunday, March 02, 2008


There's still tons more San Francisco pics (mostly of drag shows), so I'm trying to remember back to last Friday even though I've been back in NYC since Wednesday. I have a fuzzy recollection of attending Charlie Horse at the Cinch, which hostess Anna Conda presided over an evening devoted to PJ Harvey.

Anna Conda (above) is a friend of my friend Dudley, who told me to go introduce myself after the whole shebang. She couldn't have been nicer and told me to stay in touch. She also told me that New York's illustrious Linda Simpson was her inspiration (back in 1865).

Some of the PJ Harvey performs scored really well on looks but didn't even bother to lip sync.

Some got a bit more experimental and dance-y, though I thought this guy (or maybe he was supposed to be a girl) was scarily stunning.

I think this chick sang Sheela-Na-Gig but most notably got topless, to which the crowd cheered loudly.

San Franciscans LOVE drag shows.

The balloon boobs are supposed to be popping out. (Note a drunken Marcy Playground to the right. Love her.)

Apparently this dude's balls pop out every time her performs, regardless of the attire.

Suppository Spelling ended up at every event I attended throughout the week. Stalker much?

This was a final, non-PJ number which was less memorable than her amazing get-up.


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