Thursday, March 13, 2008


Miss Linda Simpson has left the building: last night's Slurp party at the Cock was Linda's last. As hostess of the Wednesday night Slurp soiree for the past year of so, Linda helped turn an otherwise sluggish night into a wildly successful cabaret of drag performers between electro dance sets. (Or so I hear. I DJ Wednesdays.)

In the past two months, I've met two folks--one in New York and one in San Francisco--who told me that Linda , more than any other NYC nightlife figure, changed their lives. I was never around for her Channel 69 parties at Pyramid but apparently wherever Linda goes, the party follows.

Slurp will surely continue with the greatness that is Telfar and Michael Magnan (the DJs). And who knows what the future holds for Linda? Another issue of her brilliant My Comrade zine? Another party? For now, you can catch her at Rapture's Monday night bingo (even though Rapture is up for sale). Or read an old interview with her here.

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