Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm pretty sure we've done a guilty pleasures Good Times party at our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc happening before but hey, who doesn't love a guilty pleasure? I mean, that's why they're called guilty PLEASURES. And if that's what Colby B, our guest DJ and recent Seattle transplant, wants to do, then so be it!

First off, congrats to Dandylion (left), who'll be celebrating the one year anniversary of his second Sunday monthly at Eastern Bloc in September. The party is called Marinate and its a guilty pleasure of mine, even if I routinely forget that its every second Sunday.

One of the displeasures of this particular evening was that we had no photographer to snap the lovely photos you love to see so much, which meant my camera had to become a sloppy pass around bottom for whoever chose to play with it, much like a few of our patrons.

David's guilty pleasure - double fisting! Oh, and he likes holding two drinks at once too. Buh dum bum!

If I could list all of Gaston and Lloyd's guilty pleasures under this photo, I'd use up my allotted space on blogger and facebook. But Lloyd did EMAIL ME during the party that he wanted some Britney so there you go.

Brian's guilty pleasure is clearly shorties with beards. But you already knew that.

For my musical guilty pleasure, I unleashed one and only one pop track: Justin Bieber's Baby!

We were so happy to welcome guest DJ Colby B. (center) to Good Times for the first time since she relocated to New York. Unfortunately, it seems as though she spends more time flying back to Seattle than ever before.

Everyone's guilty pleasure: GINGER BEARDS.

Little Pablo, my former neighbor who used to swing by Good Times four years ago and pole dance in a jockstrap, done gone and got himself a black swan tattoo!

Sadly, Mikey L.'s guilty pleasure, POPPERS, were absent from this party but we're planning a Poppers & Daddies resurrection in the near future. We make even make it a Latin Poppers & Daddies party, which will henceforth be known as Poppers & Papis.

I spy a real life guilty pleasure up on the right hand side of this trio.

B. Raff (right) and his bearded, blue eyed friend for the evening.

COLBY! Colby and I actually fulfilled more than just our Mariah Carey Def Jam remix guilty pleasures this week when we attended a Beyonce concert at Roseland a few nights later. Bugaboo live = most ultimate guilty pleasure ever.

Jezatron! London gal pal Jeremy was in town for one week but remained on his best behavior since his daddy boyfriend was always a few steps away. Adonis strip club next time fo' sho'!

Eddie (right) and B. Raff and their bodacious C-cup ta-ta's.

Without his glasses or prominent bowtie tattoo, I was very much like, WHO IS THIS to Eric for a hot minute before my early onset Alzheimer's subsided.

Boys boys boys.

We love a retired lawyer of the Quinn persuasion, or really anyone that quits their day job making partying their full-time night job.

Plaid-y daddies.

A long long time ago, I snapped a not-so-flattering photo of Avi (left) and Patches which never saw the light of day, much to Avi's chagrin so it seemed only fair to give it another go.

Can uuuuuu feeeeeeeel, the lovvvvvvvvve, to-niiiiiiiight?

I love how Stephen's gestures match the sentiment of his shirt so so perfectly.

Greg, giving you this week's situation. And next week, we have James and Nathanial aka the Foxy boys who do an awesome disco party in Boston and are back to DJ and wear towels. For reals. If you missed them last time, here's your second and final chance for the summer.

Guilty twink pleasures!

James V., sporting the ultimate gay guilty pleasure: a button-down sleeveless! Do you think it has a hood on the back as well?

Hola Gerardo (left). I'm hoping that shirt refers to my favorite M.I.A. song of all time ever off that first mixtape Diplo did for her. Can we talk about the fact that Diplo did End of Time for Beyonce too which is pretty much the song of 2011.

I pretty much didn't recognize Bradley, who has relocated back to New York and is now giving you major body.

Jason and his New York homothug look is pretty much everyone's guilty pleasure but I ain't mad at it.

Jamil (right) and friend, giving you LEWQS.

Sums up just about everything anyone could ever care about.

These two on the left have pretty much claimed the stage area as their VIP so if you see them coming through in the coming weeks, just clear the way and give them their space, as they are known to majorly turn it.

Oh Christ.

The Dadaism effect.

The Black and Blues brother effect.

So for next week's Foxy party, you're encouraged to wear as little as possible. Skimpy tank tops. Short shorts. Towels. Well, the Foxy boys want you in towels. And they'll be in towels. So yeah - DO IT. Everyone loves a good photo op too.

Arrash (left, with his man James), was kind enough to lend his expert photo skills to the Good Times party in the absence of all other photographers. Thank you Arrash!

Sometimes, when photographers get drunk, they tend to forget that they may be stuck in the zoom in mode, as seen here, though it does make for a captivating photo nonetheless.

Drunky Brazilian, who was friendly till he wasn't and had to be booted from the DJ booth vicinity.

Guilty pleasure: ROSARY BEADS! Secretly love how they distinguish the Jews from the non-Jews too.

David (left) and his handsome buddy, out for a nightcap.

Loving how Jamil is following that Vogue, Vogue, Poppers, Vogue shirt down to a T.

Yes, hunty. Jermaine is giving you the LEWQ of all lewqs.

And then it was winter.

See you next week for Foxy Good Times with the beefcake Foxy boys of Boston, James and Nathanial. Did I mention that they're single and ready to mingle? Get into it. xo


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