Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Two birthdays and a bye-bye party. That was the plan behind last Wednesday's Young, Cunt & Cracked Out Good Times at Eastern Bloc, celebrating the births of barback Rob and photographer Kelvin and saying farewell to Natasha before she "moved to Atlanta" the following day. SPOILER ALERT: Kelvin didn't show to his own party and Natasha never moved. Cracked out indeed.

The Luey L. posse (seen here with ringleader Luey, center) were out early and in full force in full force to celebrate yet another birthday, that of their good friend Eddy. What's with all these first-week-of-August babies anyways? Damn Leos.

Living for these two, who clearly thought we'd be playing lots of The Cure even though Telfar was the guest DJ of the evening cuz no one keeps it cunt like Ms. Telfar.

Young was also the magic word of the evening, as everyone looked like they just sprouted their first facial hairs and were knock back a few Long Island Iced Teas. I ain't mad at it.

No Lady Gaga requests tonight! Sorry boys.

Homeboy was majorly carrying. Literally.

Fire Island escapees Gaston (left) and Lloyd somehow ended up back in the city and at my party and thank god for that because we missed them and their dancing skills and we're are pleased to hear Gaston's leg is almost completely functional again.

Polka dots on polka dots.

And then this happened.

ZORISH & COLLEGE! That's what Linish would call Aaron (right) and Mikey (center, with Kevin). These two have also shown little face in the city this summer due to magnetism and allure of the Island of Fire.

Henry (center, with Eddie and Roberto) said a quick hello to me in the DJ booth before hacking in to his ex-boyfriend's facebook account a few days later and sending me a really insane message while pretending to be his ex-bf. Gotta love a loca Cubano.

Charlize (left) and Ryan (right), showering birthday boy Rob (center) with the love and affection worthy of a 1990 Nelson track. Speaking of which, next week, we have guest DJ Colby B who is promising to play her most guiltiest pleasures ever which hopefully includes Nelson! (and Tracey Ullman. They Don't Know About Us!)

Jorge (right), backed by the serial killer look of the one and only Robinson.

I asked Khaled where he was coming from in that suit jacket and he was all, home! cuz that's pretty much how they roll in Beirut where he comes from.


We now employ a greeter much like the folks at Abercrombie or the Container Store, though our greeter plants a fat one on your mouth just as you enter might even take you to the bathroom if you're lucky.

Your weekly ginger moment of zen.


Natasha's first number (of like, five) was that new Beyonce banger produced by Diplo called End of Time and it was OVAH, as you can see by the $4 coming out of her dress.

Twink Tuesdays at Splash has now morphed into Wee-Men Wednesdays at Eastern Bloc. Get it? Cuz they're all so wee.

My soul sister Jeff came through to snap a few photos of the party and of Kelvin's drag persona Merna Boots in particular, since Merna had promised a performance. Sadly a text came through around 11pm announcing that Merna had "partied too hard" during the day and wouldn't be making it. #fail #crackedout.

Telfar's was beyond. All I remember is that he played INOJ Love You Down and something dancehall and I pretty much exploded. Shayne (seen here taking a quick catnap) was also inspired and nearly began MCing on the mic though Eastern Bloc really wasn't ready for that.

The Natasha cooldown between numbers, complete with costume change.

Dying to introduce Robinson to Mehron aka his twin and star of the youtube viral video Tons of Fucking Sequins, mostly so we can snap a pic of them side by side.

We are already missing Mikey (left, with William) who has left us for two or more weeks to attend Barcelona Circuit Week! Jealz!

Gary and Mark, who you might know better as Shequida and Tekshur.

Thank you to Mat with one T (left) and Mike A. (not pictured) for filling in on photos duties in Kelvin's bizarre absence. We see a photo future for Mat in the next few weeks.

Looks like JR and Matt aren't fighting this week, much to everyone's relief!

Performance #2: Slave 4 U, mixed into Not Myself Tonight. Dedicated very lovingly to barback Rob on his birthday, as Rob is a MAJOR Britney fan and Natasha is a MAJOR Rob fan (as are we all).


The Daryl (right) never misses a hip hop Good Times, especially one that favors both Ciara and Nicki Minaj.

Robertish, feeling the love and giving it back in buckets.


Fernando kept being all coy about the camera, saying, "Don't photograph me Josh!" and then striking some major poses. The other ones will be coming out in the Good Times book, to be published by Taschen in the year 2018.

Me and my Haskett.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EDDY! I hope all your wishes and dreams came true.


I love my job and I love my life, mostly because this happened completely out of the blue.

Sun kissed and sexy.

Drinking and pole dancing, the happiest union since the dawn of time.


Kissy Gissy, with the sweetness that is Eddie.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB! Such a welcome addition to the Good Times family and hopefully, for many more years to cum.

By sheer coincidence, good friends JR (left) and Chris (right) crossed paths from London and LA by reuniting at Good Times last week and getting back to the things they enjoy, namely armpit licking and random makeouts.

Though it may be 3something a.m., as First Choice once sang, IT'S NOT OVER!

Gimme gimme MORE.

And to wrap things up, Natasha did a reprise of her trademark number, Nicole Scherzinger's Wet.

Though she wasn't allowed to use water bottles this time around due to clean up issues at Eastern Bloc, a patron was kind enough to douse her in what was hopefully water (though I don't think she'd complain if it was straight-up vodka either). PS - She never moved to Atlanta which means maybe she'll come back and do Wet again next week!

330am on a Wednesday night / Thursday morning. Crowded, wobbly and feeling fieeeeeerce.

And with that, we closed it out with a little Shorty Swing My Way so all the shorties would swing whichever way they choosed after last call was announced.

Blurry, but then again, so was most of the night for these two. See you next week at Guilty Pleasures Good Times with Seattle's finest (and now New York's finest), Colby B! xo, Sparber

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