Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Though we never had the good fortune to attend London's legendary Nag Nag Nag party at the Ghetto, we were lucky enough to have one of their resident DJs, Mr. Fil Ok, guest for us at a very special Nag Nag Nag Good Times last Wednesday at Eastern Bloc and it felt like 2003 all over again in a really good way.

Last Wednesday was actually going to be an Aviance Good Times party with the one and only Nita Aviance, who kindly agreed to change his guest appearance to September 14 so we could do an album release party for Ms. Erickatoure (right), who we're hoping will perform one of her remixes.

It's official: Greg G. (right) is now best friends with Beyonce. And he says she's really nice. We're hoping he invites us to the baby shower.

Jamil (left) and Israel, walking for butch realness and Luther Vandross With a Twist.

In other news, we were sans photographer yet again last week so I had to step in and snap some happy photos of Marwin (center) and others instead of dancing all night long. Oh wait, I did that too.

Big Daddy McGovern (right) was back in his hometown to record a music video, that we think may have been delayed due to the impending hurricane that hit New York shortly after this party.

We are family. I've got all my sisters with me.

David (left) told me that he's always drunk at Good Times but that that's a good thing because it means he's always having fun. Cheers to that, David!


Me and my boof Solie and my treasured Lisa Lisa Cult jam tee.

Rob (left) and the gummy sour peach candy fanatic known as Jorge.


I truly had no idea what to expect from Fil Ok (left, with No Bra) and he truly blew me away and even managed to drop Sheryl Crow's All I Wanna Do at the peak of the evening and everyone went bananas.

Gabriel (right, with Mikey, who weaseled his way into every photo last week) also went bananas because Fil brought performance artist No Bra with him, who hung in the DJ booth all night and Gabriel couldn't stop saying, I CANT BELIEVE NO BRA IS HERE!!!!!!!

We were pleased to meet Pjotr, a DJ in his own right hailing from Stockholm, Sweden who will have to come back and DJ a Swedish Good Times party so I can play the Knife all night and he can play anything he damn well pleases.

The beauty that is Justin Vivian Bond (left) and her equally gorgeous friend.

The cuteness that is "Ricky" Ricardo.

I'm feeling quite brain dead today on coming up with these captions so I might just have to fall back on the typical "hairy chest and a tank top" commentary you're used to. Sorry! It's been a very rambunctious post-Irene party kinda week.

A growth on Kevin's neck that we like to call The Lollo.

This big hunky thing with the tribal armband was shy about being photographed solo so he quickly grabbed for the nearest Gary, who was more than happy to oblige.

We all gagged (as witnessed here by Mikey's face) when the artist formerly known as Natasha (center, now going by Kris) told us he had a new persona making a debut at his September birthday called PURPLE K. He also added that Purple K is very very wild.

Shortly before Jorge reenacted a very memorable scene from Madonna's Truth or Dare, which was called In Bed With Madonna everywhere else in the world.

Nothing turns me out quite like a mesh tank top on a white person unless said white person is wearing a checkered fedora, which pretty much makes my head explode.

If the rumors are true, the penultimate East Village bachelor known as Colin is...IN A RELATIONSHIP!

Darren did a throwback look to his days as a film actor when he starred in the Provincetown summer flick, Lie Down With Dogs. And he somehow looks EXACTLY the same.

In other sexy daddy news, Hi Eric P.!

A far cry from last week's lace tank top Jamil was rockin. Not mad at it though.

Get into that strange nipple-sucking action happening to the far right.

So I might not remember very much of Fil's set but I know that everyone danced their arse's off, which is a major feat here in New York City but seems to be happening more and more at our weekly Wednesday party, especially with these visiting fellows from London.


Yes please. Kyle recently shaved his head and will soon be moving downtown just around the corner from Paddles, where we plan to meet up on the nights when all the Hasidic sex fetish parties happen, which is a real thing in case you didn't know.

And by growing that goatee, Robinson somehow added 20 years onto his age and now looks like philosopher who used to love playing hackey sack.


JEWS FLASH: This year's Good Times Rosh Hashana party will take place October 5th with a very special guest host. Mark your calendars folks.

I'll take one of these in every color thanks.

And since Jamil was looking too butch to vogue it out, Chaz did the honors.

It was lovvvvvvvvvvve, at first sight.

Actually, this duo really was love at first sight. Another happy Good Times couple, paired off and ready to make babies.

Speaking of making babies, I wonder what Ricky (left) and Wesley got up to after leaving the party when we closed up at 4am.

Bar man Sam, serving up Skinny Boy shots aka clear liquors that have less calories than brown liquors. Thanks Bethenny Frankel.

Mikey (left) was all pissed that I was coming for his bandana-and-cut-off-shorts look...

...but meanwhile, Mikey was totally coming for Kyle's striped-collar polo look. Or was Kyle coming for Mikey's look? TO BE CONTINUED.

Mikey and Michael, in my continued pursuit to only have friends named Michael in my life.

Did you know that MTV did away with their music television logo a few years back since they strictly run reality shows now. Making this shirt and iconography, "vintage."

Good Times would like to welcome all the incoming NYC frosh and the prospective class of 2015. We know you're too young to attend our party but you're welcome to hang out on the sidewalk.

Not only have things been going swimmingly for Casey (left) and Devin, they're even beginning to share clothes or coordinate clothing colors. Awwwwwww.

Damian (right) and JR, good to the last drop of alcohol or until they call last call.

How to mend a broken arm.

Nothing like a late night Hey Gurl Hey from my literal big squeeze, Jermaine. See you next week for a Frisco Disco Good Times with DJ RobertJeffrey from San Fran and yours truly. xo, Sparber

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