Tuesday, August 09, 2011


WE'RE BACK! Sorry for the delay in posting these photos from our Good Times Third Annual Nite of Deee-Lite with guest DJ Michael Magnan from two weeks back. We really blew it out that night and then I escaped to the beach for some much needed recovery, none of which I really got being that the beach I attended was Fire Island but anyways, without further ado, I present to you yet another Nite of Deee-Lite, aka the best party everrrrrr.

A deee-lightful early evening surprise in the form of my gurl Solie (center), who is gonna do guest vocal spots for me when I get around to producing some original recordings this fall and help her blow up all big and shit like Beyonce.

The Boys of Summer.

I've had this growing inkling that that tie-dye tank tops will be the next big thing because who doesn't love tie-dye and a tank top? It's like chocolate and peanut butter: perfect combo.

Girl dance party plus Jamil (left) equals exactly where things should be at 11pm on a Wednesday at Eastern Bloc.

Chris (right), suited up in a fashion harness which can double as an actual harness should the moment arise or should he choose to make a stop at the Eagle after Good Times.

Fun facts: I ran into Keisha (left) at one in the afternoon the other week on First Avenue as I was leaving a lunch get together because I heard someone screaming "JEW BEAR!!!!!!!!!" from all the way down the street.

Get well soon Erik! Erik was locked out of his Brooklyn apartment and attempted to crawl through his third floor window before accidentally falling. Now he has mucho bone fractures but can still rock a shirtless overalls look and probs have lots of hot handicap sex nonetheless.

A rare city appearance from Fire Island dwelling Greg (left), whose latest film, Children of the Dune, just played at Newfest here in New York and was pretty great. Then the theater smelled like burning rubber and we were all evacuated onto the sidewalk. #fail


There is no way in hell that Parker (right, with David and Chastity) would miss our annual Nite of Deee-Lite, as he has been requesting Deee-Lite tunes pretty much on a weekly basis for four years now.

David (right) has accused me of torture and sleep deprivation for sabotaging his Thursdays with my awesome Wednesday night parties. Sorry David! Get used to it!

Guess which one of these hunks is now a true daddy in the real sense of the word daddy?! As in had a baby with two lesbians up in Canada?! I'll give you a hint: its not hunky Luigi (though you can still call him daddy if you want to. He won't get mad.)

Major swoon photo. Battle of the blue eyes between David (right) and Zach. I'm gonna go mop the drool off of my keyboard now.

Me, my guest DJ and number one Deee-Lite head Michael Magnan (left), and my upcoming guest for a night of Aviance Good Times on August 24, Mrs. Nita Aviance.

The young'uns.

THE RETURN OF CELSO! Celso has been missing from my life and from the New York nightclub scene for a minute and is exactly what I needed to feel deee-lovely, deee-lectable and deee-vine on this very night. Love you Celso.

Can I just say that that Deee-Lite b-side called Riding on Through has been turning me ever since we through this party. Somehow Deee-Lite's music is the kind that keeps getting better and better. Already excited for the Fourth Annual Nite of Deee-Lite for realz.

Piggy backs for piggies! That should be the next Rich King Good Times parties if we decide not to fulfill our obligation in doing frequent Poppers and Daddies events.

GAG! Cameron (center) has fulfilled me this summer with his Fire Island antics at the Oak store and house in the Pines as well as his Saturday night Gag! party at Metropolitan, which I FINALLY attended this past week and was turned out by his well-executed Klaus Nomi selections.

Michael, giving summer bodddddddy.

Party Happenin' People

When Jamil, the heir to the voguing throne, thew down with Celso to the tune of What Is Love?, I pretty much died.

Jason (left), putting in some sugar and stirring it up with David.


And what?!

L.I.V.I.N.G. Seriously. As Princess Xtravaganza would say, this photo is MY SHHHHHHHHH.

Bears I'm Jealous Of.

Twinks I'm Not That Jealous Of but all the power to 'ya.

Shawn, giving major Janet Jackson see-through top effect, even when its unintentional.

Apparently beer builds better bodies, or so we're being told by the tshirt on this svelte young thing.

So by this point, everyone was jumping and shouting and the only thing that could have made for a better party is if Kier herself had actually shown but she emailed to say she was in Ottawa for pride this particular night and we'll have to have her guest or host or perform another night soon. FINGERS CROSSED.

Paul (left) and Thomas and their competing scruff.

BLIND ITEM: Which of these boys had a Deep Ending, Deee-Lite style, after the party ended?

NOT BLIND ITEM: Which loca party photographer skipped out on her own birthday party at Good Times the week after our Nite of Deee-Lite?

I think Ms. Queen Latifah said it best when she sang GIVE ME BODDDDDY.

Due to my upcoming trips to Greece, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, I got all inquisitive with my flight attendant friend Clayton (left), who informed me that you used to be able to get upgraded if you brought flight people choocolate (?!?!?!) but now its all based on mileage programs. Booooooooo!

Kevin and friend, serving up some Bittersweet Loving.

Clearly the OTHER highlight of my evening.

Hola Gerardo. How do you say, deee-GROOVEY?! (in spanish.)

We aim to put a smile on everyone's faces and with the help of the sounds of Lady Miss Kier, Towa Tei and Supa DJ Dmitry, we accomplished that.

Andrew G., doin' the Andrew G.

Late night Apple Juice Kissing shows.

When You Told Me You Loved, Did Ya Mean It?

Paul, inspired by the Power of Love and the magical Deee-Lite set of Michael Magnan.

OAK BOYZ! Louis (left) and Andrew actually did a party at Blackout Bar earlier in the evening and then decided to swing by Good Times for a nightcap. Love these boys! Check out their Fire Island soiree on Saturday, July 13th. It's gonna be mayj.

My cute little English neighbor Alex, who literally lives in the building next to me but only sees me at Good Times, as I'm guessing he does daytime things unlike yours truly, who is strictly a night owl.

Xavier, serving you blue editorial hair.

Pussycat meeeee-OW! Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks to the banshee that is Michael Magnan for serving up another deeee-lish night of Deee-Lite. Countdown till the next one begins NOW. xo, Sparber

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