Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Who doesn't love a little male nudity (apart from the nudity censors over at facebook)? Based on the last time we invited Nathanael and James of Boston's Foxy party to DJ our weekly Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, EVERYONE pretty much lost it when they changed into towels to give you that retro bathhouse disco effect. So we figured, why not do it again?

Kicking the evening off was Mike (right, with the mexi-stache) and Andy, who brought candy It's a Boy cigars to celebrate the birth of his son! Yup, he's an official daddy aka sperm donor to a lesbian couple up in Canada who delivered his first spawn two weeks earlier.

Jose (right) hammed it up for the camera in like, ten photos from last week but you'll only get to see this one for now.

The perfect redneck outfit minus the vodka soda. I mean, it is $1 vodkas from 11 - 1130pm but a Pabst would really complete the look.

Andrew (right) came back to New York for one last hurrah before he returns to his professorship in the greatest city on earth: DALLAS. Lucky for us, he brought along the bodacious beauty known as Solie.

Christina really steals the spotlight in this one by flipping off the camera in front of all her boys.

I played a Hi-NRG disco set to start off the evening but apparently some people (Shawn, left) weren't LIKIN' IT, as Danny Noriega once said.

Oh Kelvin. She's awake, in leopard print shorts, lickin' on an ice cream cone.

Say goodbye to summer boys, as New York has just been hit by its first chilly evening, as well as an earthquake (!) and will soon be getting a hurricane this weekend. Wah wahhhh.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMBO! Timmy turned 25 this week and we're hoping he comes back to celebrate with us next Wednesday when London DJ Fil Ok who used to throw the most major electroclash parties at The Ghetto called Nag Nag Nag comes to guest at Good Times.

Funny how there's always like, 20 disco balls in all of the Eastern Bloc photos but you never see this here air vent, which seemingly popped out of nowhere this week (and we don't mean Nowhere, the bar, though we love it there as well, especially that Ginger party they do).

Ring the alarm cuz he's throwin' elbows.

Gonna get a little un-RULY.

The pre-Ascension photo shoot for Saul (left) and Rob.

The lovely ladies of Good Times.

Pretty much died for Jamil's lace tank, which he allegedly bought at American Apparel in 2008, though we're thinking he may have meant Victoria's Secret 2008. Either way, he pulled if off with flying colors.

Rothman (left) and Wedgie, giving 90s sleeveless grunge effect.

David (left) was transfixed by all the hotness happening at this particular Good Times that included (but was not limited to) Greg, one-half of the up-and-coming disco dance duo known as Undercover. Watch for the remix I did for them coming out this fall.

Rob and victim in Rob's predator grip.

James, Luey, me and Michael T., who was a bit miffed that the Foxy boys rolled through town without instructions to wear boots.

A little bit of ecstasy.

Transfixed by the latin hotness in the foreground and the Tupac realness in the background.

Reenacting scenes from I Know Who Killed Me, Lindsay Lohan's greatest work of art to date.


Meanwhile, outside da club, Jacob, Willy, Kevin and a bearded hottie talk tanlines and fire island shares for next summer.

Michael T. (left) actually introduced me to guest DJ James (right) two years ago and I'm so glad to have both of these men in my life.

Me, shortly before accosting Jermaine (right) and demanding his sole surviving box of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

Yes please.

So glad some other folks chose to get into the nudity/skintimate theme of the evening.

Nathanael and James, aka the Foxy boys of Boston, doing what the do best: looking great, sounding great.

Yeah. It was that kind of party and it also made its way outside.

If this sidewalk could talk.

Get into the lewqs, hunty.

Albert loves any excuse to take his clothes off and we gave him yet another one this past Wednesday.

Bel Ami time!

Either the night flew by or Kelvin was asleep on the banquet for a lot of it. Probably both. But we still managed to raise the roof and then some.

Spontaneous Rockette action.

Even at 330am, we still manage to bring out the Good Times in everyone.

Thanks again to James and Nathanael for bringing Foxy Times to Good Times once again. Can't wait to have 'em back and in the meantime, check 'em out in Boston if you live or travel up that way. See you next week for Nag Nag Nag Good Times with special UK guest DJ Fil Ok! xo, Sparber

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