Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Holy sheet! No, literally, holy sheet. That's what we used to call our annual Hannukah Hairy Good Times party at Eastern Bloc, named after the hole in the sheet orthodox jews are supposed to have sex through. Our party was more of a no-holes-barred type of affair but in reference to a few different types of holes.

Ryan (center) is really really excited about the "new" Michael Jackson album, as you can probably see from his tshirt, mostly because he's a big Akon fan.

Your jew cohost Eric went all out this year with a gaggle of yarmulkes, a few Happy Hannukah banners and a surprise costume reveal. Just watch.

YARMULKES ON BANDANDAS! aka a very Brett Michaels menorah lighter.

Nothing says happy hanukkah like the pagan horn hand gesture.

Many attendees asked why I wasn't wearing a yarmulke, to which I explained that one only need to wear a head covering (i.e. A HAT) to stay holy in the eyes of god. Doubling up ain't gonna make you twice as holy Ryan, even if you are still a virgin.

Southern jew host Sammy (left) filled in for bartender Darren at the last moment when Darren fell ill with a mysterious porn star-related illness.

Yarmulkes really do put everyone in that festive mood except when you're required to wear 'em at synagogue.

Jew bear and his jew bear daddy Eyal, spreading their boy butters this holiday season.

Miss thing miss thing miss thing miss thing she had to pawn her diamond ring.

Me and my blog mentor Diana (she reminded us all that she inspired me to start this blog and that she was ONLY in attendance to have her photo taken), with the illustrious Stephanie Stone and equally illustrious Cazworld. STEPH STONE MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE AT NEXT WEEK'S GOOD TIMES!

Rico (right) and his blond-haired replacement for Robert, who has been MIA for a hot minute.

INDOOR SCARF TREND ALERT! Actually, I think I've alerted you to this trend before but now the scarves are getting skinnier, just like Shaquandré on the right!

Dressed for the Bar Mitzvah-like festivities.

Vito (right) rolled through looking dapper and dandy as ever and partied with us till the oil on the eighth candle burnt out and then some.


Old friends, Good Times. Four of my favorite party goers, who have toughed it through rain, snow, sleet, hail and a broken beer tap.

Eddie better chug that beer cuz the Hora just came on and Kevin is ready to circle on up.

DID YOU NOT HEAR ME? STEPHANIE STONE MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE at next week's For Colored Girls (who like to party) Good Times! aka Janet Jackson night with guest DJ Gant Johnson.

Camera-shy Shane.

News flash: Adrian (right) is still bringing sexy back.

THE BIG REVEAL! Yes! A jew harness. Nasty Pig needs to go into mass production of these right now.

And not to be outdone, Ms. Keisha gave a riveting rendition of a hebrew song. Or a prayer. Not sure because I don't speak hebrew but she does and she let the children HAVE IT!

Dearest Ian (left), you are oh so kind but you need to stop shouting things at the DJ. It is not cute. I am not making a joke either. Love, Sparber

Meanwhile outside, Rainblo (left) was developing frostbite on his tender cheek.

Peter M. is going for a full on SASL look these days (reminder: SASL. Straight Acting Straight Looking. Pronounced sazzle. Dedicated to Joe Heany).


Peter may have been two sheets to the wind at this point as he's asked me to "go easy" on him but I think he's looking better by the shot. Of course, I'm sharing those shots, so....

Casey (right) drove up to another bar in Hell's Kitchen to learn that it was completely dead at 1am and return to the jew festivities for the free Manischewitz, since he is our number one Manischewitz consumer hands down.

Our cracky cameraman cracked is elbow! Or something like that, I'm sure. Hope your elbow action returns to normal soon Kelvs. Your social life depends on it.

Hooray for Manischewitz.

Manischewitz kickline, Rockettes style. Or is it Cockettes style? Discuss.

Colin and his sweet twelve-incher.

Now where did I hide that dreidel?

But seriously - Ricky (center), his friend and even their girlfriend were turning me out the entire evening or what I can remember of that evening.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA! Nana is celebrating her birthday this week and she seriously looks like a 27 year old chick from some sexy part of Brooklyn. Hope you didn't over do it on Tuesday cuz we need to see you this Wednesday Nana!

Happy Hanukkah to all.

May you receive eight of the best presents ever, even if you aren't Jewish.

See you next week at our For Colored Girls (who like to party) party, featuring the Stephanie Stone music video world premiere and me and Gant Johnson playing music for colored girls, by colored girls (aka Janet Jackson). xo

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