Sunday, December 26, 2010


Continuing with lost awesome black female rapper of 2004-2005, we find Scarlet Fever, who had some well-deserved success with her crunk dance hit Peanut Butta (sampled by DJ Technics for Get Up On It) , was signed to Universal and then disappeared for ever and ever. Well, according to these youtube comments, she popped up on The People's Court (!) this year, but apart from that, it is hard to find a trace of Scarlet on the world wide interweb. Thank god for her Myspace music profile for archiving the raw, low-quality version of tracks that might have made it to her debut album, Single Black Female.

Track one: a reinterpretation of Danity Kane's Damaged chopped over a baltimore beat. Track two: well, its called Cookies & Coochie Juice. Do you really need another reason to love it. Scarlet, if you're out there, holla at cha boy!

Scarlet Fever - Damm
Scarlet Fever - Cookies & Coochie Juice



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