Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Last week was one of those Wednesdays at our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc when I was starting to get a cold and it was starting to get real real cold and the holidays were days away and I was convinced that it would be a slow and quiet night. Boy was I wrong.

WELCOME HOME FRITZ! After a year of tie dye and memory loss, Fritz has finished his time in Amsterdam and has moved back to New York City and we couldn't think of a better way to start off the new year.

Boot alert! Somebody get Michael T. on the line THIS INSTANT.

Halil (left) had a very happy birthday that night by wining and dining with friends and then wining some more at Good Times to the disco sounds of me and W. Jeremy, who was our outstanding guest DJ that evening.

As Gravy Train once sang, let me see those titties bounce. Let me see those titties shaaaaaaake.

Instead of Christmas' three wise me, we received the gift of the three handsome men: the sexy one, the mustached one and the one with his eyes closed.

Things started getting wild pretty early on in the night, as exemplified by these two fellows who can neither sit nor stand without the support of one another. Merry Christmas eve eve eve!


Rockin' out to an Ottawan disco classique.

Jacob (center) has been M.I.A. out for a minute, though last Wednesday we learned that he's been flying down to Brazil on the regular to see his newest papi chulo and we're really really jealous.

It wouldn't be a Good Times party without Kelvin getting into a fight with someone, though this time the argument was not about someone not wanting their picture taken. It was actually dude second from left who kept begging to have his picture taken. Our pleasure, senor!

Pretty sure this was a 21-year-old's birthday party or so I was told in the DJ booth. They also pop music that didn't fit in with the disco theme but I couldn't really blame them, as they were born around 1989.

My number one sister sledge, Shaquandré (left), with his sister sledge who was feeling the beats.

We are family. I've got all my sisters with me.

Guest DJ W. Jeremy (right), with our Italian guest of honor Andrea (left), who flew from London to San Francisco to New York only to be trapped here by the snowy airport of Europe and had to resort to some heavy drinking as a result.

Andrew (left, with the amazing Solie), who has now relocated from Los Angeles to Dallas. That's right, DALLAS! He's been missing out on wild gay nightlife but I secretly think it's time for me to do a DJ tour of Texas where I only play crunk and Ciara.

Speaking of getting crunk (like this dude with a beer AND a wine glass), next Good Times is gonna be a crunk one, as Telfar and everyone else that can't escape NYC due to the recent blizzard will be partying and DJing with us to the sounds of Nicki Minaj and those new Diamond and Teairra Mari mixtapes.

HOTNESS OVERLOAD. Also known as, "so a Lebanese dude, an American dude and an Italian dude walk into a gay bar..."

Eddie and friend.

"Rocky roaaaaddddd?"

This picture makes a lot more sense if you imagine Kelvin yelling out, "COVER YOUR EYES AND GRAB FOR HER TITTIES!" as he holds the camera four feet above his head.

Shaquandré's Kwanzaa present came early this year.

Lucio (right) and Andrea megadrool! I'm including you on that too Chilita! I see you sneaking in back there.

William and I pretty much cowered in the corner while W. Jeremy was DJing and only said nice things about all the wünderfül friends we have.

What? Denise is two sheets to the wind by midnight? I'm SHOCKED!

Lovely ladies, Les Miz style. (Yes, I'm going to start working that into my sets in 2011. Just you wait.)

You can't actually give him a one-half nelson without One-Half Nelson being present. That's downtown NYC sacrelig.

Meanwhile, these two smoked their cancer sticks outside in the freezing cold.

JOSH! This dude in tie is my new favorite Good Times attendee!

...and Andre's favorite attendee...

...and Kelvin's favorite attendee!

Really feeling that acid wash dreamcatcher of an owl.

This is when things start to get blurry.

And all at once, the entire bar simultaneously died.

W. Jeremy (left, with John) had just returned from a DJ voyage to London, where he did a stint with our friend and February guest DJ Severino at Sev's famous Sunday night party Horse Meat Disco.


Double schwing.


Gabe (left) and guest bartender Stephen, savagely in love.

GOOD TIMES INDEED! See you next week when we bring it Nicki Minaj style with guest DJ Telfar. xo

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