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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight to get through this thing called life. And our Purple Gravy Thanksgiving eve Good Times party at Eastern Bloc (Wednesdays), aka the Prince and his protegés party with guest DJ Cameron Cooper, was exactly what was needed to kick off the holiday weekend.

Miss thing started off the evening by giving seated cunty pout-and-pose REALNESS.

Omar welcomes you to his coat check dungeon of dirty delights.

Dirty mind!

There's something so English about this here pic and its not just that I need sunglasses to look at it.

Almost everyone in America has off on Thanksgiving, meaning almost everyone in America can go out on Thanksgiving Eve with their best buds and party till you get dragged out the bouncer or a lucky stranger.

John (right) is part of the big ol' Eastern Bloc family (he lives across the street and sometimes works coat check), which started five years when this little bar that could first opened. Come celebrate at their anniversary party this Thursday with me, Cazwell, Michael T., Lina and Formika!

David (right) and I had a long talk about how I'll soon be able to charge $10k for private DJ events. But for now, I'm still giving a nice Jewish discount to anyone who hires me.

I love me some Borja (left), who is not only my European DJ tour manager but also a great DJ in his own right! Glad to finally hear him spin over the weekend and party with him too.

One of their 23 positions in a one night stand.

Swoon alert! That smile is melting hearts and ice cubes galore.

Not sure how this cute lil' backpacker ended up at the party but I'm living for the pucker face going on in the upper lefthand corner.

Spencer, Billy and Cesar (from left), digging on my one of my favorite Prince proteges of all time, Jill Jones. TU VUOLE LA MIA BOCCA!

Eddie (left) and friend, getting that oh so crotchety feeling again.

I chose purple for obvious reasons, while guest DJ Cameron Cooper (right) brought out his Prince vinyl (!) and his Purple Rain tour tshirt, which I once owned until a Sarah Lawrence alum named David Byers absconded with it. And yes I'm still mad.

An armpit situation at hand.

Henley city! No, seriously, New York really is turning into henley city.

CHERYL PARTY PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE! I've never actually been to this party called Cheryl that Nick (right) does but I hear its quite a hoot and look forward to checking it out.

It's that time of week when we play Where in the World is JR Little (right)? Last we checked in, he had popped up at my London gigs after an extended stay in Dubai. Apparently he's back in New York now but who knows for how long or where he'll magically appear next.

I love this loose tshirt posse, headed up by Ryan (right) whose looks are always ovah kanovah, as Stephanie Stone would say (Steph is having her video release party with us in two weeks, where guest DJ Gant and I are going to spin a theme called For Colored Girls (who like to party) aka Janet Jackson night).

Nevermind the foreground and check out Ian and crew in the back, who had been drinking since noon and repeated request "italio," whatever that is.

Cream. She-boogie. Bop.

Yes to everything about this picture. I mean, there's only one thing that could possibly make it better...

...and it's THIS! She shoots, she scores!

Leave it to the creative minds at Mikey L. incorporated (center, with Dallas and Charles) to come up with this amazing Thanksgiving headgear. Ovah kanovah indeed!

KISS! a.k.a. you don't have to watch dynasty to have an attitude.

That dirty frat boy tshirt makes me nostalgic for the days of dirty birdy Johnny McGovern parties, who now hawks tshirts that say, "I like 'em big, Viva La Waffles!" I'm confused too. Buy 'em here.

Tom (left) is looking young and dandy is his new Brooklyn hipster frames. He confessed that he doesn't need a prescription all that bad but I ain't mad at it.

The only thing better than cracking a fan to the beat is this dude, who showed up with a jumbo fan which would have probably deafened the bar had he cracked it at any point in the evening.

NEW COUPLE ALERT! Frankie (left) and David (right) are pretty much an item. And Rainblo (center) is their third.

Everyone really did make it out on Thanksgiving eve, including Phil (left) who I haven't seen for three years cuz he's married to a handsome fella and they pretty much do handsome things on their own. Jeals.

He's goin' down to Alphabet Street. Between Avenues A & B, to be exact.

If you thought this was fun, wait till next week's B-52's party with the one and only LINA!

Oh, and while I'm plugging my parties, December 8th is our annual Hannukah Hairy Good Times and Eric L. has already procured yarmulkes and banners. Just sayin'.

From this moment forward, I now dub Andre (right, sometimes known by his drag alter ego Shaquanda) as....drum roll please...SHAQUANDR√Č! It'll just make all references so much easier.

"You sexy mutha effer."

You sexy mutha effer, part two.

I think this was the point in the night when I switched from everything Prince (I gagged when Cameron played Apollonia's Blue Limosine) to something a little more contemporary. Like Nicki Minaj.

Shaquandre! Is she shirtless? Is she able to stand? Did Kevin (right) rip that hat out of a Devo music video?

Oh yeah. This was the reason the whole Nicki Minaj dance party started. Cuz Paul C. (right) showed up and needed the muh-muh-muny, the muh-muh muny, the muh-muh-muh-muh muny, THE MUH-MUH-MUH-MUH MUNY!

Phil (left) and Telfar, who did an excellent job of holding it down the week before and should probably be guesting at our For Colored Girls party come to think of it.

Mister Metropolitan Steven L. (right), with a friend whose shirt blends nicely with the hairy men Eastern Bloc decor.

Me, Paul and Dennis, letting you have it to some new Keyshia Cole.

Borja (left) and Mel and its almost last call.


Contessa is an up and coming goddess and she somehow managed to get on the mic during last call and say hey to the crowd, who all cheered for her! Weird and amazing.

See you next week when we dance this mess around for the B-52's Good Times with Lina! xo

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