Wednesday, December 08, 2010


We waited a long, long time to do a B-52's Good Times at our weekly Wednesday Eastern Bloc party, mainly because B-52s queen Lina was out traveling the world and B-52s King and Prince, Bill Coleman and Nita Aviance, were also vying for the guest spot. Not in our wildest dreams, however, did we expect the surprise visitor who showed last Wednesday.

Dynamic DJ duo Ron Like Hell (left) and Ryan Smith popped in early on for my more disco savvy set, which included every known remix and re-edit of Mesopotamia such as that ground shaking Danny Krivit one. Ron and Ryan need to DJ Good Times ASAP, btw.

Nita (right, with Casey and Evans), throwing some fierce side eye due to his inability to play a proper B-52s set thanks to a prior booking of his later on in the evening. Trust mama that we'll be doing this again with you and Bill Coleman at the helm.

The gun show starts now.

Brian (left) and Diego, living the summer of love in their teeny tiny tank tops on December 1st.

Andy, looking a bit flabbergasted as was the rest of the bar when a certain cosmic thing walked through the door.

HERO WORSHIP! Yes, B-52's lead singer Fred Schneider (right) showed at our B-52's party! GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG GAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's that on a your head? A wiiiiiiiiggggg. Guest DJ Lina was giving beehive happiness and everything B-52s when Fred popped by, at which point we both pretty much lost it.

Tawfik (center, with Richard and a burly hirsute friend) are part of the legion of a Lina, a gang of roving, handsome men that can be found at Lina hotspots from Fire Island to Eastern Bloc.

Speaking of hirsute, next week is our annual Hannukah Hairy Good Times party, and we're already procured the yarmulkes, Manischewitz and Keisha (!), who'll be doing a number in yiddish and/or hebrew.

Casey (left, with Rich), who was living in his own private idaho at this very moment but we'll let it slide because it's Casey and five minutes earlier, he was hanging off the DJ booth chanting, Chilita! Chilita! Chilita!

What if Kelvin (left) is one of Casey's secret love children?! I see a resemblance.

A big thank you to Chip (left, with DJ Adam) and Tom Yaz (not pictured) for bringing Fred out to Good Times. Apparently they were all together earlier in the day for a signing Fred did of his new Desination Christmas album, which Lina played a few tracks off of and actually sounded really really good.

Thomas (left) and William need to do that whole let's meet and have a baby now thing. ("I like chihuahuas and Chinese noodles!")

The Barch is back (right) and better than today, according to Kylie Minogue.

Kyle lived to tell about his one-month trip to India, though nobody really remembers because we were all a bit slurry by this point in the evening.

Loving the suave-while-sipping look that the one on the left is giving us in this pic.

A rare photo of an integral Good Times moment: the photo ID check. Toursist, please remember to bring photo ID with you when you party in New York.

Shaquandré, planting a whammy kiss on an unsuspecting stranger.


No, seriously, the dance floor was a blaze because Fred got on the mic and started singing along to his new Fruitcake track I believe. Is that 3 shirt a Britney Spears reference?!

I'll give you fish! I'll give you candy...

...I'll give you everything I have in my haaaaaand.

So at this point, its like, two something and I hear Fred back on the mic singing along to Good Stuff...



Oh what a night. Hope you were there to witness it cuz it was certainly one to remember.

See you next week at our annual Hannukah Hairy Good Times party at Eastern Bloc! Free Manischewitz! Free yarmulkes (first come, first serve)! Free hairy chest rubs! Free vodka (11 - 1130pm)! Free Fred Schneider! xo

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