Monday, August 24, 2009


Native New Yorkers such as myself are pretty much born with a pizza slice in their mouth. With today's discovery of Slice Harvester, a Julie & Julia knock-off who aspires to sample a plain slice from every pizzeria in the five boroughs, I decided to write up a quick list of my recent escapades in pizzaland.

1. Grimaldi's (Brooklyn Heights) - my favorite pizza place in the whole wide world, and yet after queuing up for 40 minutes on Friday evening, they tried to tell me and two friend we couldn't come in because two of us were wearing tank tops! After much arguing (women and babies are allowed to wear tank tops. And probably straight men too), we were seating and satisfied, though probably not returning to this homophobic spot soon.

2. Nino's (St. Marks Place and Avenue A) - my East Village late night go-to pizzera. So greasy and so so good. I used to be a Sal's fan but their sauce got too sweet.

3. Veloce Pizzeria (103 1st Ave) - relatively new and not much on the menu besides wines and like, four pizzas but the one we tried was all foccacia like and heavenly.

4. Artichoke Pizza (328 E 14th St) - Tried it when it first opened but felt like I was having a heart attack after the megaslice of pizza topped with artichoke dip. Not as bad as the overpriced Una Pizza Napolitana which unsurprisingly closed but I'd rather go across the street to Crocodile Lounge and get a free pizza with my cocktail.

5. Mystic Pizza (Mystic, CT) - rarely do I enjoy a slice of pizza outside of New York (exception: Escape from New York, San Francisco) but Mystic not only delivered on the kitsch factor when we stopped by there for lunch last month but the meatza gave me the kind of heart attack I'd gladly go back for.



Sac's Place
2541 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106

These people are not fucking around.

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what does slice harvester have to do with julia &julie?

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Julie & Julia = blog gimmick turned book/film.