Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One of our favorite DJ/producers du jour, Brodinski, sat down (or emailed and IMed) with Slutty Fringe about his mixtapes, beard and love for Mariah. Here are some choice excerpts below:

Slutty Fringe: Hello I like your beard. It’s quite shiny and possibly even better than Oizo’s.

Brodinski: Thanks a lot, it’s not really a Big Beard like The Tom Hanks one, but I prefer my one ; )


SF: Did Oizo’s beard influence your’s in any way?

Brodi: Not really, I’m more into the normal beard, not the Hassidim one. Or the homeless one :


Brodi: I love to play some different kind of stuff, I’m a party dj. I can play for everyone, I think I’m more an entertainer than a musician. I never predict my set, or prepare something, I prefer to see the crowd and give it to them what they expect ; )

Flo: Have you ever gotten really wasted and played some some Mariah Carey?

Brodi: I love the “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” French people don’t understand why.

Go read the whole interview at Slutty Fringe and then buy anything and everything Brodinski has had his hands. You can start with Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck, Mixed by Brodinski at buggedout.net.

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