Monday, August 10, 2009


Just finished up eight gigs in six days and am feeling very much like Mariah when she suffered from exhaustion after her extensive promo tour for the best film ever, Glitter.

Here's another quick installment of DJ do's and don'ts from the past week.

1. DON'T ask the DJ to play the Bee Gees' Stayin' Alive in the middle of a Friday night house music set.

2. DO bring the DJ lots of drinks or even better, chocolate covered double stuff Oreos. Thank you Sugarland staff!

3. DON'T offer up your ipod or iphone to the DJ. Ever. It is not going to beat match and I am not going to play that Pussycat Dolls Hush Hush remix, even if it's last call on a Saturday night.

4. DO introduce yourself again (first and last names.) I forget!

5. DON'T tell the DJ what to play simply because you are go-go dancing or it's your friend's or best friend's brother's or friend's boyfriend's cousin's birthday.

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Anonymous said...

are you fucking serious? you?