Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Everyone kept asking "how did you manage to find her and get her to DJ?!" when former Wonderbar prodigy Sharee returned to DJ at our Wednesday Good Times party at Eastern Bloc last week, the same space she used to hold court every Friday and Saturday night. Google and email, people!

My oh my! As my two best friend Matt and Mike left me for a southern road trip to North Carolina, my two favorite NC good ol' boys JR (left) and Stephen (right) came out looking all tasty and telling tales of their summers in Dubai and Fire Island respectively.

Christian (right, with Ashton), taking it back to the Wonderbar 90s theme with a "whatchoo lookin' at? vogue, VOGUE!" stance.

Diving into a public display of three-way kissyness.

I don't think the weekly 11pm open vodka bar had started yet but Jing (second from left) was already two sheets times two sheets to the wind.

Que lindos! Juan Diego (left), looking even sexier than his drunken wingman Mike (right).

Steven (right) is such a devotee follower that he even came out to the Ice Palace this past Friday to hear me DJ Daniel Naridico's underwear party. He SWEARS he wasn't there for the backroom action either.

Mere zygotes when the Wonderbar first opened but we love 'em anyway.

Brunettes that stick with brunettes.

Someone was really feeling the group photo shoot last week and that someone's name is Kelvin and we're celebrating his birthday at the next Good Times, with Jason Pants playing La Roux.

Someone need to draw two eyes on that ATM and then put a bra and some panties on her. Slut.

Ooooh, look! It's Next Magazine cover boy Markus (left, hugging David). He's totally the Gia of downtown gay scene, landing magazine covers after two months in New York.

Wonderbar reunion! It's just like that Beach Boys song: still crusin' after all these years.

The cutest gingered beard duo known as Stephen and Bryan (left) have been trying to console Rocky in the absence of his muscle man, who we hear returns to the city any day now.

It doesn't get much more goregous than Keisha in a turban and Shaquanda in a reddish purple wig.

GOLD CHAINMAIL NECKERCHIEF REALNESS! Best accessory since Keisha's turban!

Grace Jones, pre-partying before her stellar performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom last Thursday.

AJ (left) must have down his drink in half a second because homeboy was in and out of there faster than you can play Deee Lite's Vote Baby Vote (Deee Lite party with Michael Magnan, August 17th!)

That that porcupine hair, I am now calling the one in the center my very own Tai Chia pet.

Roberto (right, with Baby C) flew in from San Francisco last Wednesday sans the boyfriend for a proper New York nightlife experience (Spank!, Fire Island, Vandam). He wasn't disappointed.

The children turned out in droves to see and hear the one and only Sharee....

...and she did NOT disappoint! I knew maybe 1/10th of her music and enjoyed 10/10ths of it.

Even the rarest of rare came out such as DJ Xavier (second from right), who DJs six nights a week AND has a day job. I get tired just thinking about that schedule.

Late-90s post-rave Wonderbar era tshirt alert!

Back in the day, smokers like this could light up inside of Wonderbar and dance to Sharee's music with cigarettes in hand. Ahhh, the good ol' days. Now they're all dead from lung cancer :(

Poppin' a squat.

Our beloved parental chaperones Casey (left) and Scot.

When a picture is worth a thousand words and you only have room for 10, you write something like this (from left): Kevin's curl hawk! Keisha's boots! Shaquanda goes blondah! and HARRIET!

Thomas (right) now lives in DC but still comes back to New York for a taste of honey.

Rimming, blowjob and you're profile said 8 inches (from left).

Dooooooooogie (left), getting in Sharee's Soul II Soul acapella of Back to Life, which was the highlight of my evening.

From right: Michael, Willie and the two dudes who were totally heartbroken that the ATM dumped them and was already making out with someone else in the back corner.

Back in the day, I used to do the Wonderbar-Starlight trek on weekends and then head to Barracuda on Mondays to see Xavier (right) cocktail before the Candis Cayne show. MEMORIES!

Another type of reunion in the form of best friends Richie Moo (right) and Jamaal.

Gratuitous bathroom piss show.

Boys of summer, whispering to one another that the L train has stopped running.

I'm sure these four have Wonderbar stories that would put us all to shame.

Ms. James Barch, the queen of yarn and strings and things.

Eddie, Duane and Steve, giving you more 90s-ness with their reenactment of Janet Jackson's If dance routine.

Yup. It's 3am.

Steve's sexiest look since THIS happened.

Who is SHE and how do I get her back to the bar next week?

All in all, Sharee majorly turned it out and was not reminiscent in the least. She told me the only thing she cared about was good music and people with their hands up in the air having fun. Oh, and she WILL be back (to DJ at Good Times).

Michael T. (right, with Gabe) and I WILL be reminiscent this coming Sunday for our monthly installment of Love Hangover, the little disco party that could starring Linda Simpson too!

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