Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last Wednesday, I invited upcoming DJ and Palms Out music blogger Jason Pants to guest with me at our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc. Being the timely, hip DJ that he is, Jason proposed we do a La Roux party which was very of the moment and went over well with the children.

These two children (Mikey, left, and friend) came straight from their gay kickball league game. Yes. Gay kickball league. After volley ball and dodgeball, is gay tetherball league all that far off?

Garrett (right), with handsome shaved head friend giving American History X realness.

Okay. Skinhead jokes are so not funny but its seriously all I can think of when I see white tshirts and skinny suspenders. Oh, and Doc Martins are poised for a major comeback this fall. Oi oi oi!

The big E (aka Ethan, left), telling two tank-topped friends that this time baby i'll be bullettttttt-prooooooof.

It was with great sadness and instant nostalgia for his draped and/or flowing clothing selections that we bid farewell to Yarng (second from right), who moved back to Bangkok this past Sunday. See you on the beaches of Phuket in the fall, Yarng!

I brought a HUUUUUUUGE bown of Entemanns' chocolate doughtnuts and Drake's Yodels for Kelvin's birthday celebration, though Kelvin was so busy "celebrating" that he forgot to photograph the delicious American delicacies.

Casey (left, with Evans), glad to be out of the Florida sun and back in the hot, humid New York sun. If you don't know Casey, you are majorly missing out on his thick New York accent which just doesn't come through in pictures.

The Black Teen Wolf (left) and the blacker, teenier she-wolf that is Eddie. (Shameful Shakira reference but I'm slowly being brainwashed into liking that she-wolf song.)

Michael Musto lookalike, repping DC! Where my Bethesda peeps at?

Kevin's (left) magical La Roux powers include putting those that come within five feet of him to if by magic!


I heart New York is reminding me that the next Good Times will be a trip around the world with the ever-inebriated Jimmy Im, who is gonna bring a screener of his reality tv vehicle, Confessions of a Travel Writer.

Auditions for a Danity Kane knock off group or the gorgeous ladies of Good Times?

From left: Yarng, Willie, Kevin and Kevin's bad ass rock 'n' roller friend, who was singing and dancing along to every song and hopefully went out and got a Good Times tattoo at 4am when we closed.

Jonathan (center), back from the land of the missing aka Brooklyn in the summertime.

Just thinking about how many times Jason (right) hops across the Atlantic kind of gives me jetlag but he says its worth it for his Wednesday night fix, especially when the soundtrack fetures the UK's La Roux.

Chaz (right, with Jason) and his to-die-for Michael Jackson aqua marine sunnies. It was acceptable in the 80s!

Chiquita banana fantasy fisherman's hat! Okay, I don't think it's really chiquita banana but a boy can dream.

Giving La Roux androgyny to the tune of quicksand.

Douggie (center) has left us for the shores of Mexico for a few weeks and his drunken Scottish accent will sorely be "messed."

Let the Devin Melillo (center) tank top factory begin, as I'm bringing him a tshirt tonight that he will hopefully cut, sew and tie into one of his sultry and slutty creations.

Me, slowly getting into the worldwide phenomenon that is Ladyfag's armpit...

Me, very into the worldwide phenomenon that is Lady's rear end.


A gaggle of ladies, keekeeing to the new Amanda Blank. Make it take it make it take it ladies!

Happy birthday Merna Boots! We are all hoping that in this new year of Kelvin's crazy crazy life, he stays out of trouble and does a lot more drag as his alter ego, Merna Boots.

Going in for the kill, and by kill I mean a mean headlock bro.

Guest DJ Jason Pants turned it the fuck out with a stellar set of french house jams a la Fred Falke and company. This one is going places.

Put your hands up for Nueva York, our lovely city!

Eastern Bloc's answer to Tawny Kitaen...

...Here She Goes Again on Her Own!

Buddy to Casey: it must be 3am!

Me, Chaz and Chaz's new La Roux-cum-Peaches hairdo will see you next week as we take you around the world with Jimmy Im and all the new tunes he picked up in South America, Asia and beyond.


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