Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Former model Liskula Cohen has won her court case against an anonymous online hater who posted pics of her with hilarious captions. Said anonymous blogger is due to be revealed by blogspot owner Google unless they appeal.

As a caption queen myself, I was thorougly amused by the Skanky in nyc website where Ms. Cohen photos appeared (site now defunct. R.I.P. skanksnyc). Here's what I gathered:

"Horsey face, got any carrots?" The writing of a genius! What if the true identity of the blogger is some famous wordsmith like Toni Morrison?!!

Here's another at-home shot of Liskula, which was then posted and captioned as seen below:

Oh how I wish this blog was no longer defunct! Maybe once the blogger's true identity is revealed (I bet it's that bitch behind JT Leroy), she'll start back up with publishing and eventually get to make a mediocre movie like Julie and Julia.

The court found that Cohen must know who the blogger is because she is now entitled to a file a defamation lawsuit.

"The thrust of the blog is that [Cohen] is a sexually promiscuous woman," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joan Madden wrote in her decision. That included references to Cohen as "whoring" and "ready to engage in oral sexual activity."

Says another commentator: "You can be really, really mean to people -- you just can't lie about a set of facts that are provable as lies, and that you knew or recklessly disregarded the truth of."

Skanky? Who Liskula? I think not.

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