Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I wasn't 100% sold on a Wednesday disco theme for our weekly Good Times party at Eastern Bloc since I already do a monthly disco party at the same venue. Who'd a thunk that the weeknight party people would pack the place out to hear Diana and Donna and special guest DJ Michael T.?

Blonde ambition.

Thank you Reavis (left) for giving me the disco gem that is Chemise's She Can't Love You. Ah-ah! No no!

The sexiness that is Vito (right) popped by with a "work colleague" from Milan and proceeded to get upside down, inside out and round and round to the tunes of Miss Diana Ross.

Shortly after 11pm, when the open vodka bar starts (if you can't tell by the googly eyes already going on in this pic).

Always love a girl or a boy who looks like she's barely wearing any shorts.

TREND ALERT: Broken arms are very much "in" this summer. I think Jon Jon Battles started this back in the spring but get ready to see a lot more hard-cast realness in the coming months.

I seriously thought Thomas (left) was dressed as the cop from the Village People when he walked through the door since it's all dark in the bar and I seriously need an eye exam.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT THE BAKER! Matt (left, with Chris) turned 36 years young on Sunday and will continuing the celebratiosn with birthday doorman Scot when he hosts this Wednesdays Wigs 'n' Wieners party. You bring the wig, we bring the wieners.

Dude on the right is totally yodelling along to the music, Jewel style.

Eddie (left), super jazzed to be hearing all 13 minutes of Tantra's Hills of Katmandu.

Touch me in the morning.

Perspective one of Ethan (left) and Mark hanging with bearded, ordinary friend. Or is he?

Ack! How did that happen? Loving the tall handsome hairiness as well as Mark's constipation-of-death expression.

Jason Pants (left) is closing a DJ deal with his agent on the phone and couldn't be bothered to pose. He's also guesting with me on August 5th when we give it to you La Roux style.

Don't yawn now (like two out of three subjects in this photo) but Wyatt (left) exits New York for good this week and moves to the grungier streets of Seattle, where his plaid will blend right in.

Sending him forget-me-nots.

We were still waiting for Michael T. as 12, 1230 and 1am rolled around. They don't call her the creature of the night for nuthin'.

JP (left) came out looking mighty fine in his work clothes, which no longer involves g-strings now that he's traded go-go dancing for retail clothing salesman.

GAG! (literally.)

Baby C (not pictured) brought out a gaggle of barely legal girls to jump up on the pole and give you that awkward four-way pole dance experience.

One of many photos taken during the 17 minute version of MacArthur Park Suite.

Disco hair.

Oh no she didn't! Someone needs to wake her ass up and let her know that the Hi-NRG set a la Lime is about to start.

And outside the club, Paul (left) continued with his tasteful finger-in-your-fly crotch grabbing while Gary spent another week "running" from the camera.

Andrew G. (right) and yet another new Wednesday night buddy who he is introducing to our Good Times party at Eastern Bloc.

Charlie (left, with friend) is so over this recession. It's like everybody has to copy him with the whole no job, no money thing.

My DJ booth protectors and besties Charles, Buddy, Evans and Ryan (from right).

Guess what's going down in NYC in just over one week? The original disco diva herself Ms. Grace Jones is performing! Get into La Vie En Rose childern.

Mustaches, flat-brimmed hats and Butt Magazine shirts are almost always foolproof, such as with this dude here.

Simon (center) asked me to teach him how to DJ last week. When I asked why, he responded, "so I can earn some extra money by DJing your party." Ummm, what?

Face! Face! Face! I give face! Beauty face!

Among the many things to marvel here are 1) Scott Diana Ross sleeveless tee, 2) Jimmy (right) was back in town for less than one day and 3) AWKWARD POST-SHOT VOMIT FACES!

Boogie oogie oogie, ladies. Someone must be playing The Boss right about now.

Jimmy's magical levitating leg act.

Mathew (left) and friend, singing I Want Muscles for realz.

Better late than never, the original disco diva Ms. Michael T. (left, with yours truly) spun a magical disco-inspired set. And by inspired, we mean Human League, Debbie Harry, Sheila E. and Shannon. Love you Michael!

A sweaty Santi (left), mopping his brow with an innocent bystander's top.

As Donna Summer once sang, love to love you baby...

...or maybe it more like Andrea True Connection: what's your name? what's your number? See you next week for the Wigs 'n' Wieners party, with hosts Matt the Baker and Devin and lots of Siouxsie Sioux for big Scot's belated birthday. WEAR A WIG!


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